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  1. This is so pretty! I actually wanted a perfume that smelled just like this, this is the perfume of my dreams. I wasn't sure if I could ever find this scent but here it is on my hand right now. I don't even like lavender but I love this! I can't really smell the lavender, all the notes meld together so smoothly. Such a pretty and feminine skin scent. I'm so lucky that I got a bottle.

  2. I can't wait to hear your review, I'm sure you will love it! I just looked up New Doll and that one sounds good too. I think I'll have to try it! I agree that this one is probably better though. :D I just put some on and it smells like birthday cake! It is so yummy. The only problem is that it fades on me so fast. I think for my next PE, I'm gonna request something that smells just like this except it will be the real-life cupcake counterpart. I love this scent so much that I need multiple versions of it. :Emoticons0086:

  3. I asked for a scent that smells like a cupcake doll or my little pony and this came out very close! It really smells like a plastic cupcake. It smells like a creamy pink whipped cream scented doll and almost like there are rainbow sprinkles. I was worried about how this would turn out because plastic is usually not a good smell but it came out really good and smells just like a doll like I wanted. Now I want to be a doll for Halloween and wear this! :lolipop:

  4. Wore this the other day to work. A co worker was talking to me and standing really close. She declared "someone must be brewing coffee! Do you smell coffee?!" Now, I know she was talking about White Forest Cake. We were in the cosmetic dept at a dept store! There is no coffee! Lol!

    Weird that she interpreted this as coffee though... This totally smells like cake and frosting to me.


    Sounds weird, but this reminds me of coffee too! It actually smells just like Sugared Hazelnut to me. Yesterday when I tried this, I got a lot of cherry, but today I don't smell any cherry at all! Must be going through travel shock.

  5. I'm so glad I got a bottle of this before it sold out! It has turned out to be one of my favorite LPs. I totally get the mango haupia impression. It smells like juicy mango on top of creamy coconut jelly. The drydown is a beautiful coconut skin musk. This is my perfect summer scent!

  6. To me, this is like a cross between wolf and the shepherdess and pixie dust! It has the clean, pink creamy aspect plus the candied floral sweetness, I think it smells closer to pixie dust though. Very pretty! Edit: Now that it's dried down a little bit, it smells like I put on a lotion! I'm so amazed that perfume can smell this way. :D

  7. I think this would be a good one to get boosted because it's like Sneaky Clean in that no one would suspect you're wearing perfume. It smells like you're fresh from the shower clean. I don't want to smell like perfume when I go to bed at night but sometimes I want to wear pheros so I think this would be perfect for that!

  8. This is really spicy gingerbread at first. I wasn't crazy about it but the drydown smells really really good! The spice calms down and it gets really soft and creamy. Gingerbread scents usually smell weird on me but this is one of the rare ones I like!

  9. I like this better than Special Delivery! It is very similar but this one is darker, with added depth from the resins and coffee. I think it is full bottle worthy, not just for the scent but for the red sparkles!

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