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  1. Brand new to Pheromones, & Love Potion,


    Would like to say Hello to everyone and appreciate the knowledge that everyone is passing along...


    I'm really confused at this point,


    received my pheromone sampler today and additional ordered a full bottle of popularity potion,

    feeling like I'm going to start with that first..


    Would greatly apreciate any advice? Purchased the oil based roll on, how much and where should I apply?


    what is the impact of second hand smoke on effectiveness of phero? (i.e in bar etc or around people smoking)


    What I ordered in the sample

    cops and robbers

    phero girl


    enduring appeal

    lap of luxury

    love potion red

    honey love potion with gotcha

    cuddly bunny ccco slf


    and if that wasn't enough (Mara and Heather sent along some other wonderful samples).


    I thinking it may take a little bit to go through the samples, but I thinking that maybe I should order the Topper,


    Does Topper pretty much compliment all the phero blends and cops?


    Thank you so much for the advice and you all sound like you are having so much fun



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