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  1. I got the 60/40 version in the oil spray. It went on for the ENTIRE day. Men NEVER approach or butter me up like they have today. Eventually the younger one piped back up, came and started sitting in my seat, becoming possessive, making little jokes talking about “yeah we’re gonna get married now, I always wanted a girl like you, what you doing after work, etc” hovering around me, kept coming over to make conversation. Like wow. Got kind of overbearing after a while. I don’t understand how some girls deal with it all the time, but I love the effects it has on others. Gives great selfies too!

  2. Wow. Lumina may be my new go to. Im currently at work having one of the BEST days EVER. There are two men working in my area with me and both of them are being very flirty and flattering. I came in with an attitude because I saw them there lol, but one of the guys ended up in my face, up under me, apologizing for being in the way. Continuing to hover around me, telling me my lips are cute, and that I have bedroom eyes. On his knees kneeling in front of me while Im sitting down to talk to me. Talking about I havent been on my knees like this in the longest. Talking about how I need to be spoiled, catered to and loved. Im like oh okay! Talk a good game! I usually go with La femme mystere as I feel thats my default vibe. Im a Capricorn with a Capricorn stellium so I can come across kind of intimidating even though Im a sweetheart. This Lumina gives the perfect balance though, it softens me up but doesnt make me whimpy or appear as serious . It makes people react to me how I feel about myself already, like a goddess. Men seem to be in awe and give me respect and reverence. Like this dude was kneeling yall. Telling me that men are afraid to bow to women like me and that he wasnt. All I can say is wow. The other younger guy, I keep catching him staring at me. He was the first to approach and ask me if I was married or had a boyfriend. There is something very magical about this blend. If you can be kind off aggressive, aloof, or can come off intimidating, I definitely suggest this.

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