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  1. 2 hours ago, cheeseburger79 said:

    I've been stalking the forum to find out too,BV. I was told  there would be an announcement 'soonish'. :)


    Glad I'm not the only one! I was wondering why more people weren't asking

  2. 1 hour ago, Potion Master said:


    Sure! I'll be here all week! :D

    The first thing that pops out at me about your beautiful hands, is what they call sibling lines between your first two fingers. They are usually indicative of someone with strong family ties, and this is echoed in the lines above your thumb, which say that you are likely to be a respectable person with good diplomatic skills. You also have ties from your life line to your fate line, which indicate that you too will at some point in your life, hold the fates of others in your hands. Elementary school teacher may be something you are naturally well suited to. You are a creative thinker, an artistic soul, and may get emotional at times, especially if family members try to meddle in your life..which is likely why you have become a good diplomat. It looks like you have not yet settled on your ultimate destiny in life - you have many gifts to choose from and you are presented with at least 3 different paths to explore. The center line in your hand will darken as you get closer to finding your true path.

    I will hold the fate of others in my hands? I wonder what that could mean. It is true that I don’t know my path in life yet so it will be interesting to see what I end up doing. Thank you for the reading. 😊 

  3. I am really surprised that the French collection doesn't have more reviews. I think it is one of the best LP has put out and this is my favorite of the set. I love the amber and it pairs perfectly with the fig! It is a very sultry combination of amber and sticky fruits. I definitely need a full bottle!

  4. This is a creamy opaque pink and lavender scent. I smell some hints of cherry and mint too. I know those aren't exactly the notes but that's what it smells like to me for some reason. As it dries down it becomes powdery and soft.

  5. This reminds me a lot of Atomic Mandarin but without the cakey aspects. I really liked the scent of AM but it was too foody for me to want to smell like it. This one is perfect! It is very similar but the non-foody version. An orange and pink bright happy scent. I only wish it lasted longer on my skin as it seems to disappear very fast.

  6. 18 hours ago, Witty Kitty said:

    The new site looks great! (But I'm only just discovering that SS4W and Bang are being discontinued--noooooooooo those work so well for me! :cry:)


    Where was the announcement that they are being discontinued? 😮

  7. This is like 1/3 husky coconut, 1/3 suntain oil, and 1/3 coconut milk. I don't get any of the oud or smoke, maybe it needs to age. It is very nice and not masculine to me, but it goes a little plasticky so I have mixed feelings about it. If it didn't turn to plastic I would need a full bottle so I am kind of glad it does.

  8. This scent is so beautiful and elegant! Its a lovely clean vanilla with white florals. The vanilla and florals are perfectly balanced, I don't get one more than the other. It caught my eye when it first came out but I never tried it until now. I'm so glad I finally got a bottle! On drydown I get something almost smoky. Very interesting scent!

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