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  1. After the rebrew flurry dies down I may have a bottle or two left to add to the Artfire GGG page. Give me a couple of days.

    Oops, I have already completed my 2 orders (on LPMP and on Artfire). Anyway, I'll check the Artfire page in a couple of days for Levitation, at least a trial vial.

    Thank you, Mara.

  2. From my experience, it also depends on the phero-blend that I'm using. I never experienced any ghosting with A-nol heavy blends. But it happened several times with B-nol heavy blends or when I used lots of cops.Some of my phero sprays are very concentrated (x3) because at the beginning I thought 'more is better'. But over the time I learned that sometimes 'less is better'. Now I prefer phero sprays in alcohol x2 or x1 concentration. I found it's more effective when I use about 3 sprays of x1 concentration rather than 1 spray of x3. This makes it much easier to find out the right amount.


    Drinking lots of water which might help flushing out the excess amount that the body might have absorbed, that's also an interesting point, Beccah. I never thought about this before, but it makes sense.

  3. I like Gotcha for self-effects as well as for its effects on others. I like the term 'fabric softener for people', that's also my impression. But at the same time I feel that it encourages people to say what they think, even if that means that they sometimes say too much. It helps people losing their inhibition.

  4. Lavender, Jasmin, Musk, Sugar... if I remember correctly... these were some of the ingredients in 'With Every Breath' which is still one of my favourite scents! I need a trial to find out if this scent is close to 'Every Breath'.

  5. I don't know if anyone has mentioned trying it but after reading the posts, I was just wondering if scented Cougar and Open Windows would create a nice vibe together? I can definitely understand wanting to send out the happy sparkly vibe and separately, it seems that these two do that but I wasn't sure if one would cancel out the other or create the wrong vibe.

    I don't think they would cancel each other out, but Cougar is a well balanced blend of many ingredients, it simply doesn't need to be boosted with Open Windows. However - there's no harm in trying. As for me, if I want to boost a phero blend, I usually use Topper with almost everything.

  6. The set was for a celebrity, a horror movie star named David Hess. The three were called Victim (F), Fear (B ) and Maniac (M). The Victim name was meant as making the target of your desire your victim...not the woman wearing it. Each of the descripts were written in a horror movie style.


    I like the descrition. Initially, I wasn't sure who would be the victim and if this is a scent for women or men.(Stupid me, but I didn't know about the movie). Anyway, the notes are clearly feminine and I agree with Synergist, it would be a good idea to combine it with something like BI.I like the floral notes (as I'm a fan of floral perfumes). Especially the rose and the orchid in this perfume are so lovely and seductive!

  7. At first sniff, it seams very green. After a while on my skin, I get peach and honey. It's nice and interesting, don't know if this scent suits me, but the label is sooo cute, I love it!

  8. I've just received Young Rose. As this is the only one I have from the Titanic Rose set, I cannot compare with the others. But i really like this one. It's a light and pretty rose scent, really like 'young roses'. A beautiful romantic spring perfume. I could imagine it as a spray, may be mixed with Lace, to spray it on my hair.

  9. Heather and hay come out very strong, the fruity dewberry scent appears only after a while.It's a very pretty and light perfume. I would like wearing it with an uplifting phero blend.

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