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  1. Well hi there, Chrissy!


    Yikes, what a read, thanks for leading me to it. I'm not sure why I couldn't find it on my own.


    So, I've been wearing LP Red for the last several hours after almost giving up on it the first time. To me, it's Gramma's Sticky Buns (heh, I never noted the inference there before..) and maple syrup and French toast with extra cinnamon. It's not bad and is growing on me and I could see it especially during Christmastime and cold weather. That's when I like to do all my baking, too and it's invariably cinnamon-stuff.


    But I can't understand the male appeal, especially to the point of dangerous. Even with the moose story :) Do these ingredients, the vanilla, cinnamon, patchouli and maybe maple and resins act like pheromones to men and only good smells to women? Or is it because of my age and I'm just not getting the phero hit off it like I would if I were younger? (I'm a good 10 years past menopause).


    Or do I just need to put some of this on tomorrow and go to the grocery store and see what happens? I'm thinking of using this rather than PM which was what I was planning on for my Wednesday foray up to see 'the victim' who so far has been running me a merry slightly unrequited chase unless you include verbal devotion. Which I suppose in all fairness I shouldn't discount at all :) But like I said in my first post, I want to Haunt His Dreams. For one thing, he deserves it!! Bwhahahahahaha...


    I *did* hunt around and found an old bottle of Love Scent EoW and also PCC; the EoW is as strong smelling as ever, the PCC very pleasant.


    I'm thinking if I get my nerve up, LP Red (as a test, mind you, only a test; for educational purposes, you know. It's research), with a bit of vanilla and PCCs to make it interesting.


    Wish me luck. I'm afraid of disaster for some reason. Almost like a student trying to seduce the teacher.

  2. Yup, some musicians in their 80s would have really wanted to recreate that 1940s style era :) I've had that song wonderfully stuck in my head ever since I found this forum.


    Red LP on a date, huh?


    I'm getting so many mixed signals from this new guy (and the first real interest in lo these many years!) that I'm not sure what the outcome would be, truly.


    Maybe I'll damn the torpedoes and wear it and play hard to get myself, for a change. :witch02738:

  3. Ahh! That explains a lot. Methinks LP#7 is one of the lighter of the batches and perhaps a lot like #9. There's no way #9 has vanilla, though. I forget what I read about it but that must be a light citrus or verbena and a resin, combined by a genius.


    I think between reading forums all day and trying about five different combos now, my brain is OD'd :)


    They should teach this stuff in school. Instead of stupid math.


    Edited to say, not resin, but musk. I have no idea how you did that. You managed to put the smell of a 1940's black and white movie romance into a bottle.

  4. Every LP variant has amber in it, it's part of the LP base.


    Errr, okay. Could someone explain the 'LP' idea to me? I've got LP Red which is really strong, almost rogue-ish and is going to have to wait until my next reincarnation, possibly. I really can't think of when I would want to use that. There's LP#9 which is lovely and elegant, but alas, I'm not the 'elegant' type. I will wear it anyway and perhaps go shopping for a top hat and tails :) I have LP#7 which I LOVE!!!! This is gorgeous and a full bottle is awaiting funding. Hopefully it will still be there when I manage to find the coin. And I have Honeyed LP which is lovely; smells quite dessert-y with that apricot slather in there. All that one needs is a willing tongue...


    But what's the basic LP smell or basenotes? I'm not clear on it. Meanwhile, back to the forum for clues :)

  5. Yes there's that too. My Quince is 59 and it's been an issue ever since we've been involved, but we've tried various strategies. Copulins have been very helpful.



    I know Mara has discussed this prior and you likely haven't read it, but in fact she's somewhat the opposite; "natural" ingredients aren't necessarily meant to be used in fragrance for a variety of reasons, or they just aren't suited to the process. However, the reason her scents works so well has to do with using the highest-quality purest ingredients she can find, whether they be organic or artificial.


    The 'cops' recommendation has been duly noted. I think the only sample of that I have here is Sneaky Clean, if I remember the ingredients correctly? Or is it the BAM? Back to go check yet again...


    I like your signature quotes Luna. Yesterday I read something fascinating on a site that was discussing natural treatments for various diseases;


    "Plants are our ancestors and they are far more complicated than laboratory produced chemicals can ever be..."


    That realization that plants are our ancestors hit me like a ton of bricks. OMG, how could I not have realized it!?

  6. Hi Cherie - that sounds like a good combination. All unscented right? So I would know if I reacted badly to them, it was the phero ingredients rather than the smells themselves.


    Every other time I've tried any commercial perfumes I've been dissuaded by a 'brain thunk' or headache reaction. Most I think just have too many ingredients, upping the chance of an allergy, and also most department store types are synthetics. Aldehydes - Poo! Yuck!! Y'know those magazines that come with scented pages? I can't throw them in the OUTDOOR trash soon enough. I've gotten headaches just from opening the mailbox, ferchrissakes!


    I like that LPs are mostly naturally sourced except for a few like civet that I know are no longer available commercially. It may be a question of one-at-a-time in the fragrance testing to get a feeling for them. I'm also thinking one at a time in the phero department might be a good idea. Last time I tried this tactic was 10 years or so ago and very little was available both in information and in variety. I'm astonished at how far the research has come, I should have kept up.

  7. Seriously, it's like therapy in a bottle.


    This! Definitely This!



    What I have noticed is that I will forgo spending money on eating out because I think in terms of how much that food would translate into LPs. I typically don't spend a lot on eating out and usually bring my lunch to work daily. But if given the opportunity to head out somewhere and eat a $25 meal, I will think "I can either go eat this $25 meal, or get me a FB of a scent I am interested in.". Then I'll remember I have veggies/fruit in the fridge and will be satisfied with eating that and start plotting my next order.



    And this. You know you've found something worth waiting for if daily temptations pale in comparison. And, I think $25 for a meal is ludicrous. I can eat very well for several days on that if I cook at home.

  8. Thanks Luna. I think the 'trust' thing is coming along nicely, what with all the talking, but you're right there since his last relationship seems to have been a disaster. We spend an hour a day on the phone, until the batteries run low LOL. And the in-person part has been rather hit or miss so far. Lots of blatant sexual moves followed by an apology that he 'doesn't want to move that fast'. And telling me repeatedly that I'm 'pretty' and 'adorable' which frankly it's been 30+ years since I've heard those descriptions :)


    This one is an odd one but I'm having fun cracking the code.


    I may have to get my hands on something with both Est and DHEA in it with a side order of Cops. Drowned out in vanilla. I did tease on the phone at one point that I like vanilla smells and when he first got near me, he mentioned I hadn't worn any. He had really been looking forward to it or at least remembered the comment, but I had wanted to see how the reaction was just to 'me' and nothing added.


    Considering I'm nearing 60 and he's 64, it's complicated by a probable dearth of endogenous pheromones. Things sure have changed since I was 25 and could attract a crowd just by wearing a V-neck sweater and a smile. :)

  9. Okay, I'm finally going to go see 'the victim' after about two weeks of thwarted plans. And you know your plans have been thwarted utterly and completely when you can't get an hour up North for a day or two because you have serial appointments with an oncologist, a radiologist, a surgeon and a new internist, cuz your *old* internist just went out on a leave of absence for an unspecified period of time... :-/


    I've been trying the samples that I have here and think maybe that I can't use anything with a large amount of B-Androstenol in it, as well as any of the honeys or ones with pollen. After several attempts it's a headache each time on the honeys and a kind of dazed feeling, like spring allergies. I have no idea how he'll react to things, but they have to pass muster and not make me feel icky first off.


    For some reason, the Perfect Match I have here doesn't seem to react badly so maybe it's not the B-Androstenol after all but just the honeys in the others?


    I also have LP#7 which I love after several wearings and Sneaky Clean with SS4W which I'm not sure about yet. I think I was in OD land with too many scents on by the time I tried that. Will have to give it a clean slate trial...Rocket Fuel was a no-go for some reason, smells like diesel (?) to me but maybe I was just reacting to the name. LP Red wasn't my style smell-wise and I adore LP#9 but it's way too elegant and subtle for what I'm trying to pull off... #9 needs a target like Humphrey Bogart or Gregory Peck; this man is more Teddy Bear/Psychologist.


    I'm thinking of trying PM with just my own vanilla extract (right out of the kitchen!) as a scent note. I love vanilla, it makes me feel safe and warm and has a spectacular calming effect and seems to work as an aphrodisiac on everyone else.


    Somewhere on another thread people said not to add in any other pheromone mixes like BAM (with Gotcha?) or Sneaky Clean with PM, that it would be too much, right?


    And for future reference, is there any blend with DHEA, alpha-androstenol and cops in it? I'm thinking that might be the effect I'm looking for.


    So whaddaya think? PM and Vanilla straight up? I want him to stop talking like the 'Human Potential Workshop' facilitator that he is, and bring out a little more animal...


    Or should I go with Sneaky Clean even though it seems to have no effect on me, or perhaps the LP#7 because I love the scent, but without any pheromones?


    Sorry for the confusion. It's only 9:30 am and I've already tried several different scents. My frontal lobe is not happy with me.

  10. Mmmm!!!! Pithivier! Smells like fudge. Warm hot fudge sundaes.


    I've had Love Potion #7 on my hand all day and I can't get enough of it. Lovely and light but there's something deep and rich here. This will definitely be a full bottle while it's still available.


    And I tried Essential Mystique Hydrating water on the other hand. Much more complex, resinous. The smell only lasted a few hours compared to LP#7's long distance run but I like this one too. More of an evening out kind of thing.

  11. Makes sense; blue smells like water and sky smells, green like grass, the forest etc.


    The 'black' smells to me must be the deepest richest resins and musk, red is, well, RED, screaming red dress in the red light district (ha!) and white would probably be virginal, pure, youthful and light, along with light-hearted, although hopefully with an LP twist of 'gotcha'...


    I'm getting it...

  12. Yup, yup; definitely a never-ending supply here of selections; I may need to attract a Sugar Daddy to help pay for them all :)


    There's definitely something, I'm thinking the B-androstenole or -rone (sp?) one that's a headache inducer. And I've known for a long time that most florals give me a headache or a dashed-feeling; not good. I'm having to pick my way through these carefully and take copious notes, since there's ingredients I'm not fully cued in to. I'm thinking the sweet but not pink sweet (since I'm not that young anymore) and honey-resin scents will work best for me. Any anything lavender, almond or vanilla is always a winner. I use plain vanilla extract some days as a perfume just to calm out. It's very soothing and right now I need all of that I can get.

  13. Forgive Me, Internet Phero Forum, for I have sinned. It has been several days since my last confession...


    Okay, so the last few trials were not successful. Phero Girl just gave me a dull headache and a feeling that the brain I used to rely on was shorting out. I'm gonna need to create a cheat sheet to figure out which pheros are doing what to me. So far my favorite after several trials with it is Honey'd LP. That apricot and honey slathered dessert thing really works for me for cold rainy weather; not sure how well it will work once the sky clears and I remember there's blue up there again, though. Need something that works during the heat of the summer... :)


    Love Potion #7 is lovely and I could wear that one every day but there's no pheros in that, right? Hmmm... I want the nice smells but I want the extra oomph of knowing that I'm throwing more than crumbs out there for Hansel to follow home, y'know what I mean? I even sort of snicker at the thought of walking into a crowded place and turning heads, only to have said heads find out they're reacting to a little ol' chubby lady like me :) Whippersnappers.


    Hey, that's a great name for a potion! 'Whippersnappers!!'

  14. Could it be the androstenols in both?


    I know there's one that can make women bitchy especially during certain parts of their cycle, and will affect alpha men that way.


    I was trying out LP Red yesterday and within a few minutes, my extremely alpha 65 year old roommate (who is a smoker and I would guess not great at smelling things) got very short with me for no reason. I've grown accustomed to his what-the-hell-were-they-thinking German + Mohawk genetic background (think Ted Kazcinsky combined with Geronimo personality-wise) and he's mellowed with age, but this reaction was instantaneous and almost shocking. I've known him forever and he's mellowed a lot with age and this was like him at 25; very reactive and almost nasty.


    And correct me if I'm wrong, but LP Red doesn't have any pheromones in it, right? It was just the result of the mix of fragrance ingredients? Yowzers.

  15. LAM is Like A Magnet, or just Magnet for short. It's one of the pure phero blends without it's own perfume, I believe.


    I'm surprised there hasn't been a 'Thank You Ma'am' to go along with BAM, LAM and BANG!


    Geeze, for once I knew an abbreviation. I spend more time looking back and forth for the names. If one of the old-timers wants to put together a cheat sheet of abbreviations, that'd be much appreciated. Either that, or add them over at Urban Dictionary! (that *would* be great advertising, by the way)

  16. Lulz, well dammit then girl, I'm gonna get me some resins!


    I do think they stay true to smell better than florals, (at least in commercial perfumes, dunno yet about LPs) which seem to change by the minute, half the time making me want to wash them off. So many I can't take, as if I'm allergic; rose, heliotrope, jasmine which is an instant headache; the only flowers I'm copacetic with are lavender and vanilla.


    And before anyone asks, yes my avatar looks just like me. Self-portrait, in fact :)

  17. So, haven't tried it yet but it sounds like a 1950s movie, stopping at the drive-in ice cream store with your leather-coated James Dean/Elvis Presley lookalike boyfriend right after he's been working on the '57 Chevy (Cherry Red with White Trim and those FINS!) and each of you are sensuously licking a vanilla ice cream cone? And makin' plans for the evening?


    Good to know. This goes into the sample request list :)

  18. Thank you, ma'ams :)


    Starting from scratch and wanting to influence One Certain Individual that I don't see often is dicey. Every visit with him is fraught with "this may be the last chance I get to make an indelible impression...")


    I know I can put on just about anything and get hits at the grocery store (once had an old Italian man follow me up and down the aisles wearing EoW. And got absent-mindedly carded at the ripe old age of 54 (!) by a DIHL teenage boy checkout clerk. Keep in mind, I wasn't even buying any alcohol at the time...LOL).

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