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  1. Sugarkitten, I am also wearing 2 different pheromones from another brand that I applied this morning.... Maybe, I should have try covering it with a perfume after applying it....
  2. So, I have a FB of this....It didn't seem to smell bad on my skin.....I wore it out to the public once a couple of weeks ago when I went to see a live band....I didn't get any complaints on the smell.....Today, I decided to try 2 sprays of it behind my both of my knees while on my lunch break from work.....I came back in to work, I started hearing people saying how it smells like cat piss or a burnt smell that is awful.....It has to be the AJA....I hope they don't trace it back to me.... I must have shitty sense of smell because I can't smell it..... You think this has to do with the fact that I hadn't let it dry down enough? I left for work after 20 mins of applying it....I don't want to give up on it just yet....I did shake the bottle before application....
  3. You can actually order AJA in spray form....You just have to request it via email.... That was how I was able to order mine..... Now, I am just waiting for the shipping confirmation....;-)p
  4. I think I ended up seeing effects the day after I first put it on.... I didn't shower yet....I had to go to the groceries with a family friend....I had told her all about my venture with pheromones + cops and asked her to look for any signs of people getting affected, in case I didn't see them myself....We went to get a cart before we walked in and there happened to be an elderly lady already with a one about to enter the doorway....But, she wouldn't go in until I went in while just looking @ me....I was waiting for her to go first, but she wouldn't....So, maybe that was a hit....We went in and walked around to get the food....We were walking by the freezer section where she told me that she saw a girl who totally checking me out, but then didn't like it when friend was "interrupting" her checking out @ me....Then, we went to the cash register, she observed the cashier kept on staring @ me as I was putting our stuff through....Then, she was trying to ring up the total then all the sudden she was like "The total is going to be $42...." when it was supposed to be more....She got all confused and trying to figure out the the total amount like DIHL..... After she was done with our purchases and was about to walk, my friend said she was still looking my way while she was ringing the person behind us up.... This is all what my friend observed because I seemed to be in my own little world and not noticing these things....I should pay attention more! lol....I think i definitely going to get a FB of this when I get paid later this week....They do seem like hits....
  5. Hi everyone! This is my first post here.... I have only ordered the sampler pack of the best-sellers which included the scented CB.... I tried it for the first time today @ work and dunno if I got any hits.... I applied above my belly button, in between my breasts, my wrists, my elbows, and both shoulders.... I think it could have been too much? It was a mix of dabs and applying straight from the vial onto the skin..... I work in a laidback legal environment where people like to joke around quite a bit....One of the lawyers sat next to me in the break room and smiled before he asked me about my son....But, he is always friendly.... One of the female volunteers seemed to give me friendly comments a few times throughout the day as well as had a short chit-chat for a few minutes during lunch..... But, she seems the friendly type.....I did see one of the male attorneys do a double take when I walked in the room, but dunno if it was CB.... I only got tiny bit left enough to try for another day....But, I think I might want to order a FB because of the smell or maybe test the UN when I get paid....
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