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    Classical music, opera, violin, piano, singing, meteorology/storm chasing.<br /><br />Looking for a bottle/trial vial of Remind Me Again! I can't believe I missed it. That's what I get for waiting.... *cry*
  1. tidesong

    Remind Me Again

    Mine is my username @ gmail. Try that Let me know what you'd like for it. <3 I have a bottle of Scandalous with Cougar coming to me that I might be able to trade. Drop me a line.
  2. tidesong

    Remind Me Again

    Tell you what...pick out a bottle you want, and I will purchase it and send it to you in trade. Does that sound good? *hopeful beyond belief*
  3. tidesong

    Remind Me Again

    I was lucky enough to get a small sample of this from a friend. I actually was part of the energy-giving ritual for this blend, and it felt powerful even then. But this blend just radiates all of that energy...and it has an amazing effect, both on me, and anyone around me. The scent, too, is just perfect. I can never stop smelling my wrists when I have it on. Luckily, it seems to last a long time on me, because I just have this tiny "imp" sized sample of it. I am KICKING myself for not buying it when I knew that some bottles were still available. *headdesk* I really, really need that energy in my life right now. *sigh* (If anyone has any that they would like to part with, please let me know. I would happily work out a worthwhile exchange.)
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