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  1. This blend in general lifts my mood. Been in a bit of a funk lately, and used this while traveling......I was on a train, in my own little private room, but was happy as a lark once I applied some Cougar......usually, I use my OW for that, but it was inadvertently left at home, as I was in a tizzy when I was trying to get ready to leave. And, I knew my son had some that I could borrow if I needed to, once I got to my destination. So, it was Cougar in transit. Love it......always have!
  2. Great labels, Mara! If you are still looking for a barber-shop-type scent for men, what about the scent that you used for "Dad", several years ago? I really liked that one!
  3. Yeah, well, personal style, I guess. I wear things like Sex and Violins, Divine Magick, and Bad Girl on a regular basis. LP Black is not really "in your face" or dramatic on me. It dries down to a luscious cloud of...."damn who smells so good"? My skin absolutely loves resins! I have worn it a couple times this week, just for me. Going to be my scent of choice this weekend. I haven't broken it out for a run with the new man because I had to go digging in my humongous perfume stash to find it! I am sure he will love it. I will definitely roll on some unscented BI before application of Black.
  4. So you wear all of that together? Cuddle Bunny, CP (which I think is loaded with sexpionage), and BI, with an addition of unscented Cougar? If so, you are probably canceling out the effects of some of the blends. This consists of a crap-ton of pheros all added together. He is probably not getting a clear signature off of you.....just sayin'!
  5. Honey......SO MUCH I could say here! I don't want to come off as pushy, but let's just say I have been around the block. A LOT. SEVERAL TIMES! Three marriages, 3 divorces, some short-term, some long-term relationships. If you think he is "loyal", but he is constantly questioning you, and doesn't trust you, chances are that he may be projecting what he is doing onto you....KWIM? I had one husband (the father to my only child), who I thought was fiercely loyal. But he was always questioning me, thinking I was cheating (which I never was)......turns out he was cheating with MULTIPLE women from the time we started dating. AAAAND after we were married. If you want to discuss pheros, my last ex of 11.5 years was really bad when Est was ever around.....that was, I surmised, because he was NEVER happy when his ex-wife was pregnant. They were in turmoil, so EST to his senses read "turmoil and unhappiness". That could be why YOUR relationship started to go downhill after the pregnancy. Now, some TRUTH! I agree with Eastwood! Why stay with this jerk? If he is a good Dad, he can be a good Dad in a co-parenting situation. You don't have to stay in a relationship with someone who treats you badly! There is so much more to life than unhappiness! Think about it sweetie!!
  6. This is definitely one of my go-to scents. So wonderful! Dark, but not so dark that it scares people....LOL
  7. It was COMPLETELY lethal.......it should have a warning label!!
  8. And I was right.......it is AMAZING over Blissful Caress!
  9. actually, I am thinking this would be FAB layered over Blissful Caress......hmmmmmmm
  10. OH YES! I have been testing my OCCOs today......this one is very nice! I am always a fan of cherry, and it is bright for about the first 15 minutes or so.......after that, the scent mellows and deepens and rounds out with the tobacco and oud......I love it!
  11. On me, this is a soft and slightly sweet skin scent that I would wear when I need a little "boost" for playtime, but don't want my scent to be over-powering. I get the light sandalwood and musk, and vanilla as a backdrop. Lovely!
  12. OMG! This is a resin-lover's dream! I get ALL of the amber and patch......along with the oud and sandalwood in the background......then in the background, the sweetness of the cocoa butter and honey. This is TOTALLY YUM!
  13. LOLOL......made me spit my icewater!
  14. As my skin tends to amp both grapefruit AND currant......for about 30-minutes after application, this one was a little painful.....LOL...... But, once it calmed down, I really like it! It does have the sparkle, yet isn't quite as bright as the original after it settles (at least, that is the way it reacts to my skin). @Vicki Lee I definitely recommend trying on your skin before throwing in the towel. My skin says "HI I'M GRAPEFRUIT!" any time I wear a scent with grapefruit in it. It does similar things with currant. But, they tend to turn out beautifully after they complete the drydown.
  15. This one is a little lighter than the Medium from "way back when" (2006/2007-ish, I think). That one was thick and rich (a little dab would do you), while this one is rich and resinous without being too heavy. And there is that little touch of sweetness. Knowing I would love it, I boosted mine with Blatant Invitation and cops, and it carries the phero load quite well. This is truly a unisex scent, and perfect for those of us who tend to slide toward the darker side.
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