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    ~ Sugar Scrubs<br />~ Smells<br />~ Ren Fairres<br />~ ZoMbIeS<br />~ Carnivals<br />~ Reading<br />~ Physics<br />~ Conspiracy Theories<br />~ Lots more...lots more :D
  1. They used to have corsets....I got so frustrated with those because I hand stamped them, laced them, and by the time they got their destination, they looked like crap! So...I went with regular sticker labels MY daughter's boyfriend is going crazy waiting for me to have to make 'Blood Lust' from Vampiric Pursuits...lol. I won't let the kids have any until I have to make them, then I'll make a little extra...hahaha. I'm sure I'll have specials going after the Holidays
  2. GreenMan is my biggest seller...and my signature scent. I actually only used that oil to make MP soap for my boyfriend until everyone that got a whiff of him was like 'oooh, you smell so good'...then *LIGHTBULB* in my head, lol. Cranberry Spice is my current favorite and my daughters love it too. Thanks!
  3. Hello, Hello everyone!! Thanks for the welcome... GoddessLynne Thanks!!
  4. Hi Katz! Actually all of my scrubs are a combo of sugar, soap, and oil...I like the all-in-one thing, makes life easier
  5. Hello Everyone My name is Coreen, and I own Blasphemy Sugar Scrubs. I have three daughters, ages 18, 17, and 12. I am an avid reader, anything from King Henry VIII to Quantum Physics. I have a very broad range of interests and so most people think I'm really effin weird. *shrug* Asatru, Carnivals, techno, gothic, medieval, Renaissance fairres, bagpipes, men in kilts, woad, painting, sketching, physics, Unified Field Theory...lots more, lots more. I am all about empowering women, sharing thoughts and experiences, especially with anyone who has dealt with domestic abuse. I don't usually have much time to post but I enjoy meeting new people. I LOVE LOVE LOVE smells and I am usually up for a swap for one of my scrubs for any smells! When I'm not making scrubs, cleaning the house, helping with schoolwork, or making food...I can be found on Facebook ADD ME!!
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