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  1. Potion Master


    Thank you for the lovely review, @tyvey! So good to see you on the forum again! ❤️ xoxoxox
  2. Potion Master


    I love this one so much I am wearing it almost every day. It smells delicious on my skin and makes me really happy. An upbeat mood elevator for me. I hope some others get to share that experience. Aloha also worked well for me but I like this one even better.
  3. Just want to let everyone know that we are running a little behind...we were waiting for a late bottle delivery that finally arrived 2 days ago, we also had the holiday and a couple of people out this week due to quarantining after the holiday weekend, so we are a little discombobulated over here but we are on track, just a little tardy. And everyone is coming in tomorrow to make sure the rest of the new release orders make it out the door tomorrow. Thanks so much for your patience! <3
  4. @Snakecharmer49311 I might have a spare sealed bottle lying around in my personal stash. I will go hunt for it if you email me. This was a personal fave of mine as well so there may have been hoarding involved, lol. The closest thing to the satisfying natureyness of Fair Ground, imo, would be Northern Comfort. Not the exact same, but the earth and cedar are in both, and I am mad for them both in the same kind of way. We only have a couple of bottles left of Northern Comfort, but I want to make it again. It's too good to lose and a local fave up here. (Thanks for the tag, Snoops!)
  5. Thank you for your order! ❤️ We split the total amount of available bottles between the LP Site, the Etsy/Pattern sites, and the sales floor in the shop. So while it's accurate to a point, it's not the whole picture. Sometimes we sell out online but can grab one from the sales floor. Sometimes things get grabbed for a customer in person, and we forget to remove one from the cart, and it might get oversold online. It's a lot of moving parts to manage.
  6. Best for us is via the LOVE site, which is where you ordered from! The main site is LOVEPotionPerfume.com The Etsy Pattern site, our temp site we kept up cuz some peeps preferred it, is LUVPotionPerfume.com
  7. For those that prefer to order on the LUV or the Etsy sites, the New Releases are now live there too.
  8. Sorry Bruja, I only made the one phero enhanced scent this month since everyone was asking for virgin scents lately, but I did not make two versions of it.
  9. My top three are Keyani, Rubylicious, and Lirial…the super sweet ones! I am going to wear Lirial today. It lasts ages on the skin and makes me really happy.
  10. I just added the sampler sets! I totally forgot, d'oh!, so @StrawberryKitten, if you wanted to change your order from random samples to a discounted sampler set, just email and let us know. Thank you! CataLunaLPMP@yahoo.com
  11. THEY'RE UP, THEY'RE UP! COME SEE! https://lovepotionperfume.com/collections/new-releases And to answer the often asked question of the month, we are pushing the SALE this year to September - we will do it alongside the Autumn releases.
  12. These are people you are likely to see, when you visit Love Potion Perfumerie! We’ve got plenty to celebrate this Summer because now we can finally start to emerge from our collective isolation and reunite in the pursuit of fun and sun and plenty of good times, which includes visiting the good people of LPMP at our palace of whimsy and magickal goodies! The colorful labels for this collection feature members of our LPMP family, friends and beloved customers whose lovely, handsome, and adorable visages we can’t live without...and we hope to see yours very soon too! We encourage you to fully enjoy the summer with these wonderful fragrances and friendly faces. Gogo Kiki w/ Copulins Hazy Sage Salty Mermaid Juju Lirial Katje Keyani Papi Chulo Maeve Rubylicious Okulo Ash Beflower Mister
  13. I just re-upped the cart on things that appeared sold old but really weren't!
  14. They have the same shiny labels on them. This is an example of one of our sprays before the label is added. They are 1 oz glass, with a silver cap.
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