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  1. I used the original recipe and followed it to the mg! It should be soooo close!
  2. They are black (or maybe dark brown?) on a cream/beige background. I didn't really go for any white fabrics as I figured these will get makeup on them and get washed often with other colors, and I wanted them to last. The only mask I can think of with any pure white cotton is the Lion King mask.
  3. Haha! I saw your order today @tyvey and wrote on your invoice that it's my fave too! I am already around 40% thru my bottle. Thank you Tyvey, and EVERYONE, for the lovely reviews! ❤️
  4. Thank you GATart! Glad they are working for you! I think so too. I can't do the ear thing at all, they just bend my ears and pop right off. I have soft cartilage I guess, lol, so I tie them behind my neck under my hair.
  5. This advice sounds like it came from a teenager who watched an infomercial video. A customer told me she was imbibing a flower supplement of some kind, of course I forget which one, because it combatted old lady smell. I am SURE scrubbing will not do that though. It's a smell that comes from the pores and the breath. An article online said blackberry supplements help. Our scrubs are lovely and moisturizing and make your skin feel smooth and polished. I promise nothing other than that. I will find time to make some Salt Scrubs soon. Currently we are well stock
  6. I add extra dirt smell, I love that smell! Glad to hear you are enjoying it!
  7. I do! And I enjoy them myself, but they sell slowly compared to the sugar so I haven't made any in awhile. But sure, I can make some. What kind of scents do you like?
  8. A few notes for everyone.... All orders have shipped. If you didn't get a ship notice, it's because Shopify is glitching. Here's a workaround: On your order confirmation email, there is a blue box that says something like VIEW YOUR ORDER. Click that blue box and it will show you your tracking number and where your box currently is, and also links to USPS for more info. Further re Shopify glitching.... If you tried to order from the site and were told that we don't ship to your area? This has been happening intermittently for months, but seems to be get
  10. ooops, sorry, I did not. I found a pic though!
  11. HEY! @Beccah likes it too, so at least 2 of us will be wearing it!
  12. It's really different than Gravenstein, it's closer to LP Spring 2015, or Columbia.
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