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  1. Dude! It's MOSTLY Hay with a little Sage, you are getting it! The two just meld really well together and you are reading it as Sage. 😛
  2. BeeWitched has already sold out, so I did a rebrew yesterday. I need a couple of days for it to meld and do any necessary tweaks...I had all of the same ingredients so it should be very close, but being hand blended, each brew edition is always a tiny bit different.
  3. This one smells fabulous on me and I am going to wear it again today. The Hay stands out the most on my skin and to my nose, and we're having a Psychic Faire at the shop tonight so it's a good one to wear, as Hay brings out chatty friendliness in people. I love me some earthy nature-y scents, and appreciate being able to experience the lightness of the soul that evokes for me, without dealing with mosquitoes.
  4. That's so kind of you! Well, it's easier to go down a list in alphabetical order so I am not jumping all over the inventory list. And when I do the invoices, I group by item type, so putting all unscented pheros together, then bottles, then trials - so it makes it easiest for Izzy to fill your order by shopping section by section. But just doing them in alphabetical order would be a great time saver, thank you for asking! Items you want to purchase first, then freebies after.
  5. They were not on the list you sent me, which likely accounts for me asking you to pick two more, so I will take those others off and put Pearfection in their place.
  6. It's $8 for a cops add, and $24.95 for the perfume bottle, for a total of $32.95. Yes, you can always add it yourself more economically by buying a bottle.
  7. I didn't know we were out! I just added more to the cart, thanks for letting me know!
  8. @circusrose, I need you to pick a trial vial to complete your invoice, (to go with your OCCO Cherry). Thanks!
  9. I will be working the shop Friday and Saturday, so those who need more time, let's move the deadline on those until Monday, k? I will still I'm sure be catching up on Sunday, The invoices take a LOT of time, as I have to deal with numbers in 4 places at once.
  10. If you guys have been getting pay reminders via PayPal, they are not coming from me, they were automatic in their system. I am not the badgering sort. I just attempted to turn it off. Hope you guys have not been getting spammed, sorry!
  11. Cart-MLee 1 bottle - Sarong Virgin
  12. You absolutely have it. No worries. I think I am running 3 days behind with the invoice requests myself. Thanks for checking in!
  13. Eve, I need one email with everything you want on it please. We've had a bit of shuffling of items which makes it confusing for me, so please email me again with your final list of wants - everything on one page - so I can set your invoice up properly. Thank you. Also, letting me know how much were intending to spend would be helpful as I am not sure we are on the same page as far as prices and how that relates to the freebies. Thank you!
  14. Shannon - a work in progress.... OCCO small bottles *cherry *pineapple Indian Attars *OUD small bottle Fairy Cake *gingerbread *plumeria *raspberry
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