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  1. I just re-upped the cart on things that appeared sold old but really weren't!
  2. They have the same shiny labels on them. This is an example of one of our sprays before the label is added. They are 1 oz glass, with a silver cap.
  3. My next planned release will be Summer scents! Not sure of exact dates, will keep you posted.
  4. Podcast about LP and our town of Vancouver WA. The host, Kimberly Keys, lopped out most of the questions so it sounds like I never shut the hell up, but if you can stand it, here it is :) : http://open.click-card.top/02z7j6v Georgia, Ryan and Kimi
  5. WHAT? No no no no, Sammy baby, all the way!
  6. Adding a couple of "live" reviews from the shop. One gal sniffed this, tipped her head back and said "OMG, I need to smell this on top of me." The fellow who purchased the B.L.Z.Bub this evening, he said, "Wow, I just got such a rush of nostalgia. I'm from Texas and this smells like home...like a truck stop diner with all the cars lined up outside." lol, I suppose that fits the vibe, clearly he meant it as a compliment, because he then said, "How do you DO that?!" Magic, child, it's magic.
  7. A young fella came into the shop this evening for gifts, but ended up buying some scents for himself too. As we talked about this one, I said it had a sexy sexy phero in it to attract the ladies. And he said, "Ladies? With this scent, I could be perfectly happy all by myself. He bought a bottle.
  8. I have to wash my hands over 50 times a day with brewing, cats, and in-store contacts, no joke, and I am finding this Beard Oil also a wonderful treatment for over-dry hands. LOVE it.
  9. That's my fave as a mask spray too. I also love the Sage & Cedar. @halo0073, did you have Covid?!
  10. I feel bad laughing about this, but I'm still laughing. SORRY! TRULY! All pending orders will be on their way by tomorrow. We're caught up as far as I know.
  11. LOLOL! That is EXACTLY a term I use. Did you get that from me or make that up yourself?
  12. Just want to check in with everyone and let you know we are running a little behind. The New Releases will not be shipping out for a couple more days. We were snowed in for 5 days and we are speeding our butts off to get caught up, so thank you again for your patience. xoxoxox
  13. It's a different kind of system. You start with the price of a bottle ($24.95) and any extra services are added on top of it. So the $32.95 is for the perfume bottle+ the cops add. The old system only charged you for the phero add alone and you had to also buy the perfume separately. This has combined the steps, but you still have to let us know which perfume you want to add it to. Oh wait! I get you now. There's no option for adding cops to a perfume that already has pheros. Yes, that is a hole in the system. Better to send me an email and I will invoice you. Our email address is:
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