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  1. Thanks for the recs!!! I do have a sample of balm bomb, but I thought it was more pms related where you’d use it but I’ll try anything!! And thank you thank you for the wax melts idea!! I think that might work.
  2. Hello! I’m staying with a friend temporarily as I move out of state. I love her & am very appreciative of her kindness... but she is psychotic. She is very neurotic about certain things & very sensitive in general. That & she talks way too much and doesn’t shut up. I don’t have other options so I thought I could diffuse something in the house or wear something on myself. I literally am at my wits end, any help appreciated!
  3. Yes, I have a couple opportunities this week to experiment so I will! I also didn’t know alchohol as in drinking can effect pheros, interesting. ??. Thank you for your help!!!!
  4. Thank you!!!! How many drops?? 4 possibly for the UN and maybe 2 for the Liebchen??
  5. HELP The bachelorette party hasn’t commenced as of yet, it’s happening next weekend. I purchased a sample of Leibchen w/treasured hearts and a pherotine dropper of un Treasured hearts. How do I put this to good use? I’m thinking I should have bought alchohol spray because I doubt I’ll be that close to anyone, let alone hug anyone besides the bride to be, who is of course the one already on my team. But the rest...ughh what do I do? Am I screwed?
  6. I will! And I initially only was interested in a plain pheromone but Liebchen does sound nice I just might try them together.
  7. Sounds like treasured hearts is going to be my best bet! And yes, I’m going to have fun, go with the flow and support the bride . I’m thinking this will def help!
  8. Thanks you two! I did read the description for Tresured Hearts & that might be the way to go. Although when I did read the girl/girl description minus the sexually attracted part, it seemed like a good bet because of the girl/girl bonding. I just want to be more welcomed into this group as they’re really tight knit and I’m outside their circle.
  9. Has any experienced the girl/girl pheromone in a mean girl setting? I’m going to a bachelorette party & I get along great with the bride to be, but her friends not so much. Will this help? Any advice?
  10. pinknika

    Hi!! :)

    Trading Post!!?? Why didn't I see this before!!? Thanks I will check it out!
  11. pinknika

    Hi!! :)

    Well, I am not sure if it's the best idea because it actually wastes a lot of perfume, I dip a cotton ball in each vial and label it with those tiny long sticky notes and let them dry. It's like when you go to a dept store and you spray the paper strip, something like that. I like smelling my perfume that way, it's super crazy and a waste but it's something I do with all my perfumes before I put them on my skin.. lol. I know what you mean, I need a $$$ potion too HA.
  12. So I was a hit!! Everything went really well and I had a great time. I did do a trial run of far far away on Friday afternoon, I didn't get good self effects maybe because there were a lot of factors going on (sleepy, hungry and irritated) I was also at work so that probably could have been a factor. However, Sat night, I used up my whole sample and and really doused myself and everything went great, course the few drinks I had could have also been a factor but the phero was a little boost that I really wanted. Thanks everyone for your rec's! I'm sure I am going to be needing this blend more often, so I'll have to get a full size
  13. That's great that it's working for you! I still have to try it again, and maybe get the UN version. And your really lucky to have mentors and family to help you, I need to improve it myself, hopefully pheros could help me in that area.
  14. Will do!! Still trying to find this sweet spot everyone is talking about..I'm such an amateur . I guess it's just gonna take time to find it and a whole lot of experimenting!!
  15. pinknika

    Hi!! :)

    Speaking of being discreet...I went into my room earlier and what I wanted to do was separate my samples into perfume swatches and label them, and I use rubber gloves when I do this too so I don't mix all the fragrances and get them on my fingers because I really want to smell them separately with the dry down before I apply them to my skin, I know I'm crazy lol and prob not too smart because skin changes the smell of everything but anyhoo back to my story...so I'm wearing gloves and have these vials in my hand and Im sitting on the floor in the bedroom and I look all mad scientist like, and my boyfriend walks in. Im like HEY!! Don't come in here!! He looks at me like I'm crazy, he's like...okay...what?? lol. I'm like go away ha ha. He's like okay..freakshow lol. But it's fun experimenting on the unknowing...lol. But I'm pretty sure he knows. I had the laptop on the couch and (we live in a very very small one bedroom house) so theres no where to go and my computer desk is my slash my makeup station lol, so I can't use my computer and well he just happens to glance over a couple weeks ago and he was like "PHEROMONES??!!" I'm like NOOO. Pfff. Sorry for the long story, I'm feeling really chatty right now I guess, maybe cause I just got done sniffing all my samples ha ha. But I too want to consider using the UN's...theres just so many and I would want a complete set of everything and we know thats just not realistic with my budget. But I'll have to figure out a way somehow lol.
  16. pinknika

    Hi!! :)

    Yeah I want to try that one! Especially the blend, grapefruit is right up my alley!
  17. Thats usually what happens to me, I am a straight mess until I get on the stage and begin..then I'm cool and I've got it. I am planning to look my best, I'm like hell, if I look good then who cares ha ha, it does help tho! And thanks, I hope I blow them away-in a good way!! lol . Its seriously been a while, I'm hoping I can get back on that horse so to speak.
  18. THANKS I hope I will. I think I might have a trial run with audacious friday night and see what happens.
  19. Ha ha, I didn't mean exactly spray into my face, although I was trying to sound like I am going to really shower myself, and am willing to spray EVERYWHERE if I have to lol. And I will try the nose thing .And yeah im planning not to overdo it with the drinks, just one to loosen me up. So I should be ok
  20. THANKS and what your describing is EXACTLY how I want to feel...we shall see what happens!
  21. I will def try audacious then, I'm not give up on DC I will have to try that a bunch more times. Well, I wasn't going to discount the sexual ones all together but since you suggested it, I might give it a shot as well..I am actually doing a bunch of pop/dance songs but a few are sexy. If I spray audacious and maybe rocketful or sexology, do you think it would be an ok mix?? I would hate to mix stuff up that shouldn't be mixed, I haven't really researched too much...but it should be ok maybe?
  22. I am going to be singing at an event this saturday in front of 250 + people, I haven't done this in a while and was wondering out of my blends, what should I choose to be confident and reassure myself. I have some sexual blends, but I think the ones that would make most sense is either far far away, which has audacious, or darling c with the popularity, I thought cougar would have been great but I don't have it..so out of those 2 which do you think? I also will probably have a glass of wine or anything before hand to supress the nervous jitters, and I know that alcohol and pheros shouldn't be mixed..but I think in this case, I need it lol. I have tried darling c and didn't have good results BUT that was ONE time, so I'm thinking whatever I choose, I am going to dilute it with alchohol and spray it in in my face lol...well, spray a really good amount and make sure I am saturated enough..any suggestions would be helpful! Thank you!!
  23. pinknika

    Hi!! :)

    I think I'll have to seriously experiment, I'm not sure how my body chemistry reacts to pheros because I am so inexperienced but I think what i'll do is try some of the unscented ones and see what happens. I still have to experiment with my samples too, I probably would use all those up before I make a decision. It would be nice to be sensitive to them and not use as much, but I might be one of those kinds that need a whole lot before any I get any hits.
  24. I'm 25, is age a big factor in what products that might work best? The samples I got were a lot of sexual stuff, and of course others like the audacious blend, and darling c and open windows. I was hoping to try everything lol
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