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  1. Hi Neve! I'm still new here, myself. Hi CC! Glad you're here! So nice to have another friend here from Pherotalk!
  2. Hi Charlotte! Welcome! I'm new too. Feel sorry for you? Ha! You're one lucky girl to have snagged an illusive, arial Gemini! They are the most fun, intelligent and sexy mates! It's like being married to two equally facinating men. Now, who can argue with that? One thing for sure I'm never bored. I've been keeping mine 'on his toes' for over twenty years! Not everybody can do that....but Libras can! My favorite Auntie and two of my best friends are also Gemini, so cool and so fun! Bella
  3. Hi Tisha! Nice to see you here! I see you've been 'letting your fingers' do the walking! Hope you're feeling better! In the mean time....splash on some PheroGirl Dominance, put your leg up, and get your man to peel you some grapes! Who knows....maybe you'll end up with both legs in the air!!! Bella
  4. My name is Bella, and I'd like to introduce myself to the lovely people here at LVE POTION! I found this fabulous site on another forum I belong to, where they wax poetic about your fragrances! I'm interested in ALL kinds of exotic elixirs. So, I was naturally drawn here. A magic spell, perhaps? I'm just about to place my first order and can hardly wait to partake of the succulent fruits you have to offer! Well, I'm off to order! ...this is where it gets...........dangerous!!! Wish me luck, I'm goin' in... Bella
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