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Archive: Musky Dusky layerable scents

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 Musky Dusky™: PURE
 Musky Dusky™: Jasmine
 Musky Dusky™: Fresh Cut Greens
The most gorgeous scent of organic freshness, green and watery, clean and naturally sweet, with a hint of powdery musk and darker woods beneath. Encompasses the magical properties of Love, Sex, Power, Protection and Mental Clarity. 

Musky Dusky™: Roses
Musky Dusky™: Lavender

Lavender essential oils combined from varieties and sources all over the world, with layers of powdery musk and darker woods and resins beneath. Stimulating in more ways than one! Healing, soothing, restores body and mind, awakens sexuality.


Created by:

Label art:

February 2007

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