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  1. I'd agree with this, the main difference being that AQ has a lemon topnote.
  2. luna65

    Soul Cakes

    Totally agree with Black Cat in terms of a comfort scent, to me this is in the tradition of things like Warm & Toasty and Z-Day - just warm sweet comforting goodness. It's sort of a more basic version of something like Scotchies: an out-of-the-oven oatmeal-y foodie; but not too sweet or spicy, just right.
  3. Pine forest upon first sniff, and I'm fine with that. More and move over the years I've come to enjoy the scent of pine in fragrance. After a while I sense it starting to drift into oak and sage territory. Wood/herbal notes are always grounding for me, and so in that respect I feel the intent of this one - provoking a desire for reflection. From a fragrance perspective, that woody green aura makes for a really nice daytime scent for guys - and I can see ladies who like that kind of thing wanting to wear it too - but it has a fairly straightforward masculine vibe. You don't even have to th
  4. luna65

    Black Aggie

    This one is incredibly yummy and I can totally understand why it's an instantaneous fan favorite. The oatmeal stout is, in this scent, more of a gourmand note than an alky one (like it is in Bad Elf, for example) so to me this ends up smelling more like Gimme Money rather than a relative of something like Nip of Autumn. Spicy, sweet, kind of cake-y/bread-y with a cheery fruitness (like jlisa and Black Cat have pointed out) - it's sooooo goooood. Compulsively sniffable and total Fall coziness. DAT ELDERBERRY THO - the more it comes out in the drydown, loving it!
  5. luna65

    Friendly Ghost

    The benzoin is really nice in the long drydown, I agree.
  6. I get the sugar bomb aspect of this...BUT, the balsam, I think, is reading really loud on my skin to where it adds an aspect which is odd on my skin. Either that or maybe the Autumnal notes but it's, like, right at the center of it all. And I am annoyed by that because I do want the candied apple part, I love candied apple scents, especially the ones Mara makes. I have so many of them: Curiosities, Betsy's Apple, Gravenstein, Candy Apple Cutie, Alyicia's Carnival, Totem: Raccoon...it's a thing with me, lol. Hopefully with aging this will meld and tone down and I'll be able to enjoy it more
  7. luna65

    Friendly Ghost

    This actually kind of reminds me of Canary Faery at first, it's like a soapy lemon. And I don't say that as a bad thing, that's just the impression I get. Some resins tend to read soapy on my skin, so I'm not surprised. After a time the lemon backs off and the strawberry comes to the fore. It's nice, I really like that combo even as the resins might be a little too soapy for my tastes. It really does have a happy vibe to it. ETA: in the long drydown this becomes wholly resinous but with a sweet aspect to it, which I think is probably the benzoin.
  8. On me, at this point, it's all bay rum and woods. It makes me think of a '80s powerhouse kind of fragrance. Not any in particular, just that vibe. KAPOW! Totally manly, and suitable for every occasion, really - although it reads somewhat more professional and nighttime than casual. It's rather too much for me, I think because of the mahogany - which I like but sometimes my chemistry amps it to the heavens. Overall it dials down after about 20 minutes, it strikes me as pretty linear, but it softens in a little while. This is definitely a QG type of scent. and for anyone else w
  9. luna65

    Aqua Tofana

    This is really intriguing to me as a blend - it has an herbal characteristic but also a sort of "garden fresh" type of evocation. It's very bright and then the licorice gives it a bit of a Zing! The mint is like a cool breeze, but it's not too obvious. Even though conceptually this is for females I'd say anyone could wear this, if they're of a mind to. It's fresh and kind of spicy and interesting - you're not going to smell like everyone else if you wear this. So guys - I really do think you should give this a try if you're a fan of herbal or fresh scents. ETA: in the long dryd
  10. I plan to review it (because I review everything) but I wanted to wait to compare it to the original Odalisque.
  11. The combo of the pepper and the blueberry is really interesting because the tart and the spicy kind of morph into some other quality which I can't exactly name. But it's a really Fall-appropriate kind of vibe for sure. However, there is something in this which is triggering me (i.e. giving me that migraine-y feeling). On the face of it I don't know what is doing it, what would be doing it, maybe the musk? Sometimes musk can do that to me. It does remind me somewhat of Blue Smoke, which I did enjoy. I do think this is especially unisex, I don't get any appreciable sweetness from it.
  12. The way I react to this - at least right now - is "Apparition, but make it pumpkin spice." It really does remind me a lot of Apparition, more than, say, S'more Than a Feeling. Primarily because it wears as soft and sheer as the other one does. But I do get that spicy campfire vibe just as much as the ghostly s'mores thing going on.
  13. luna65

    Platelet Punch

    This starts out very tangy, but I like it - I find currant in general to be a very uplifting kind of fragrance note. After a time I get the chocolate/vanilla thing happening underneath. In a way this reminds me a bit of Love at First Bite but a much more refined and nuanced version of the idea. I have loved all the "scary berries" Halloween-themed scents which Mara has created over the years.
  14. This has a definite Fall-in-a-bottle vibe to it, in that the pumpkin spice and the fallen leaves are what I get the most right now. I think the tobacco is probably contributing to the earthiness of the scent in general. So if you're into that kind of thing, or if you really like Pashazade, for example, I think you would enjoy this one. Definitely a great Autumn scent for the gents, maybe sort of in the spirit of 'Weenie. ETA: and very long-wearing as well!
  15. It's SO HARD to let this sit here and recover from travel shock, lol. SO EXCITE. AND if you get the trial vial set it comes with such a KYOOT extra!
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