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  1. This is one which would appeal to the gents, definitely, but it isn't masculine so much as just appealing to that aesthetic. I think the sage is nicely accented by the cedar, to give it further dimension. And it's certainly great for spaces like the house and the car.
  2. This is so pretty, the rose is very fresh and three-dimensional, with the lotus supporting it in that fresh-cut kind of quality. The tea provides some airiness although I don't really get the peppermint myself.
  3. Yeah I have to agree - this is, like, Double O if Double O didn't have the patchouli base. The bourbon vanilla gives it an interesting little boozy mood for me but I'm liking the pink cake vibe.
  4. This is really nicely earthy but so smooth - I love resins but sometimes a note can be "too too" for me, but this is so well-blended. I think I get the rose geranium the most, floating over top of the sandalwood and frank & myrrh. It has that lovely meditative quality, inspirational in attaining that particular attitude. This pretty much begs to be sprayed everywhere to help you clean out the negative crap which has accumulated in your mind and your aura and your space. ETA: and this one has body! Lasts for hours!
  5. This is really interesting as a citrus scent, IMO, it definitely has a unisex aspect to it because it's that fresh citrus but tempered by the other notes. It has an earthy characteristic but also a clean impression and it's really nice just for feeling fresh and upbeat. It's nicely balanced with all of the ingredients, I would say.
  6. And now a little something for the boys...that’s right, gents - we didn’t forget you! We know those beards and mustaches - whether handsome, sexy, or distinguished - can always use a bit of conditioning TLC so we brewed a remedy for all our wonderful wizards out there...Alakazam! Our Wizard Whiskers hair & beard oil is fabulous for hair and skin, an incredibly luxurious and pampering blend of fractionated coconut, jojoba, and hemp seed oils, plus essential oils of tea tree, neroli, and peppermint, which has been lightly-scented with an alluringly manly blend of sandalwood, tonka and cedar.
  7. In the tradition of our much-beloved Ashes to Dust fragrance, here is your yearly opportunity to begin anew, shed the burdens of the past, to cleanse and renew your spirit and your resolve to live mindfully and with purpose. A gorgeously earthy and resinous fragrance to help you feel purified and protected when applied where needed. Spiritual sandalwood, frankincense and myrrh blended with protective rose geranium and oakmoss, loving rose otto, empowering benzoin and purifying copal with a drop of sensual patchouli. It comes in a black bottle adorned with a beautiful hematite gemstone charm to
  8. When so many days seem exactly the same, we could all use a great way to start every day, so look no further than this energizing, opportunity-minded blend, perfect for the workplace (wherever it may be) and will help you feel focused and upbeat when applied where needed. The sunny side of life is epitomized by a blend of tangerine, mandarin and clementine EOs, with lovely hibiscus, stimulating rosemary, and watery bamboo and teak. It comes in a blue bottle adorned with a beautiful aventurine gemstone charm to attract all manner of fortune while stimulating creativity and offering emotional he
  9. It can take a lot of energy these days to be upbeat but embodying a positive attitude is one of the keys to personal growth and fulfillment. We are here with scented assistance: a beautifully refreshing fragrance which will help you feel elated when applied where needed. Love yourself with a bouquet of rosewater and lotus, energize yourself with invigorating white tea and peppermint EO. It comes in a red bottle adorned with a beautiful garnet gemstone charm to provide energizing strength and encourage passionate pursuits.
  10. We all need to relax more, it’s important for both mind and body, and this particular combination is a can’t-miss recipe for restorative repose and will help you feel blissful when applied where needed. A variety of soothing lavender EOs and fluffy-soft marshmallow oil plus a drop of amber. It comes in a purple bottle adorned with a beautiful amethyst gemstone charm to encourage serene thoughts and dreams, and stimulate your subconscious spiritual and creative mind.
  11. When you need a little fun, a little indulgence, to nourish your spirit...well there’s only one thing to do: TAKE THE CAKE! This delicious pink delight is vanilla birthday cake with cotton candy frosting and will help you feel scrumptiously happy when applied where needed. All of our most buttery cake-y vanillas blended with bourbon vanilla and buttercream, and sprinkled with lots of fairy floss-style strawberry sugar. It comes in a pink bottle adorned with a beautiful rose quartz gemstone charm to attract all manner of love and harmony.
  12. Our most frequent request during quarantine has been for sage smudge and sprays for energetically and spiritually cleansing homes. Even in the midst of quarantine, life remains as hectic as ever, and it can be difficult to achieve peace, calm and clarity, to center yourself in the here and now...but we’re here to assist with the positively grounding and cleansing aura of cedar EO and numerous varieties of sage to help you feel tranquil when applied where needed: your room, your face mask, your hair and body - go ahead and spritz away! It comes in a brown bottle adorned with a beautiful crystal
  13. Hee...aren't these fabulous?! As a fan of the FHWs from years ago I legitimately squee'd when Mara told me what this collection would be.
  14. This is our ode to all things exotic, tempting and delicious…imagine the thickest delectable caramel poured over other sweet treats mingling with the captivating scent of luxuriously ornate Indian attars…well dream no more, because we’ve made it just for you! (Okay we made it for us, but this is too good not to share!) Magickal Meanings of Ingredients: SUGAR ~ Attracts love, luck, sweetness and riches. Lust inducing. VANILLA ~ Aphrodisiac, inspires happiness, playfulness, sexual arousal, lust, vitalizing. CHOCOLATE FUDGE ~ Lightens emotions, evokes feelings of love.
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