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  1. Usually things like citrus, white musk, or anything with a bright or effervescent quality.
  2. luna65


    Heh, an SLF is literally the definition of sex bomb.
  3. This is so interesting to me because it's far less smoky (for me) than the original, but I do get the Autumnal mood. The floral aspect comes out immediately to my nose, and then begins to settle back into the overall vibe after a few minutes. The woody notes are quite nice and complimentary. There's a bit of what I think of as the natural spicy quality to the blend. And much like the original it is quite full-bodied and layered, which the black musk attar helps to amplify. I would say for anyone who thought that the original was maybe too smoky, they would want to give this version a try.
  4. I don't really get the hay, I wish I did! I like that note. For me it's primarily sage and musk.
  5. In the vial, the sage is really potent but on my skin, the musk comes out fairly quickly to ground this one in the realm of fragrance. As it evolves I get more of the desert landscape evocation, it does have an earthy-dusty kind of aura going on, but again the musk helps to integrate the elements within the context of actual fragrance. I don't really get the bourbon, it may need some more aging for it to pop out, probably in the top. I think this is an especially nice daytime fragrance, so good for work and/or play. There's a complexity to it but also a unity which embodies the concept quite well. ETA: the woody aspect comes out more in the long drydown.
  6. I've been really enjoying the unisex citrus scents of late and this is another that I think is really nice, especially for a daytime fragrance. The lemony quality feels clean and clear rather than tangy or sweet. In that way it reminds me of ETT: The Sun. The woody/resinous notes combined with the saffron are very smooth and complimentary to the brightness of the citrus. This is one I think could be a year-round fragrance, it has a nice weight and feels particularly neutral and friendly. And I think it would smell fabulous on a fellah.
  7. I tend to love pipe tobacco scents in general, but I knew I would like this when Mara told me she was using the maple-y pipe tobacco from SUPER in this one. AH IT IS SO GOOD! It does kind of dominate the whole thing in the wet stage, at least on me, although the vanilla is a nice layer underneath. The musk gives it a nice plush quality, it's like a skin scent but more pronounced. It is sweet but not gourmand - so don't be scared, guys. I think it would come off so sexy to anyone who you'd like to get close-up and personal with. And much like SUPER this one has great sillage and is pretty linear, a good day-into-night or a very LONG night kind of scent.
  8. luna65


    As a teenager I used to love to make cinnamon-sugar toast as a snack, that was when Schilling had the spice mix you could buy (I think they're McCormick now). My initial impression is buttery goodness, which Mara is indeed an expert at capturing! Glad it made you happy, Miss Kimi. 🥰
  9. luna65

    Creme Cake

    The big question...does this smell like a Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pie? Reader, I would assert it smells so much better. Fans of any kind of oatmeal-y scent which Mara has created in the past should adore this too, although it is decidedly sugary, which is as it should be.
  10. As a fan of Encens de Cafe I was looking forward to this one and it doesn't disappoint! For me, I get the roasted beans and the incense melange concurrently. And those two qualities work very well together, IMO. The incense has a particular sweetness to it, which I think might be the champaca as well as the opium note, and that's part of the reason why I feel it's such a complementary mix. It has a boho goth vibe which fits very well with my concept of "eldritch coffeehouse," lol.
  11. This is SO yummy! It has an Autumnal baked goods kind of vibe, but also the oh so sweet butterscotchy thing - not a total sugar bomb, necessarily, but a definite thick aura. I really like it because I'm such a fan of Bad Elf. It's pumpkin-spicy, but not as much as I might have assumed. It's more like a pumpkin cookie or something for me, where the baked goods aspect is more prevalent to my nose than any inherent pumpkin-ness.
  12. This is generally the type of pumpkin scent I prefer: earthy and spicy. It's got a bit of sweetness in it but not enough that I think it would deter the guys. The woodsmoke/woods element is more to the back of the construction for me, with the spicy pumpkin up front, but still it blends together well enough to give an overall impression of a darker Autumnal/Halloween-type scent. If you liked Conjurer you will probably like this one too, although they're different expressions of a similar concept. ETA: in the long drydown, the sandalwood comes more to the fore.
  13. Following up from email... Non-sale, one bottle of BeeWitched.
  14. Yes, I would say so - it really just depends on whether you like that sort of thing or not. Or at least this example of it.
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