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Yeah this is one of the most bizzare LP scents that I've ever tried. It's a basement all right! An old creepy, crumbling concrete basement that mayhap flooded a time or two in it's life. It's very much intensly THAT for the first half hour at least. Then it certainly sweetens up a little bit and becomes a more wearable musk. It's a little creepy, for sure! Two samples of this have found thier way to me, so I likely won't be needing a bottle of it, but for reading a great ghost story on a stormy night, you could do no better!

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I feel a bit strange for absolutely loving this. I can see where people are getting the (hospital-like?) basement vibes. To me, the scent embodies something more like a gypsy tent, thick with some kind of exotic musky incense and strange potions as spirits are invoked in a secret late night autumnal ceremony. It definitely gives me that dark and slightly wicked vibe, of something not of this world creeping in the shadows just beyond the reach of our senses, leaving little trace behind but perhaps the scent of Ectoplasm. Heh. There's really something magical about it, too. I'm very intrigued, and I'm most likely going to be wearing this one again near the end of October to see what ghosts and ghoulies it might inspire to come closer...

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