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    Walks on the beach, Cliches-haha...no really... I like a good sense of humor.

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  1. 1FB Bonflower of Autumn (not sale) 1FB Scribe W/TMI 1FB Potion Bastet
  2. 1 5ml Fairy Cake Lemon. 1 5ml Fairy Cake Rose 1 FB Cimaruta The Rooster. Sounds similar to Bastet, but the whole review thread just got me for this Rooster! Sounds awesome! Rooster is in the same vein as Bastet, yes!
  3. Does the Potion Bastet have cops in it? Hope not, haha.
  4. 1 FB Blue Fyre please 1 FB The Vervain Flower
  5. Me too!! I've been sniffing around like crazy on here, haha.
  6. Excellent!! Thanks for letting me know! Time to read some reviews!
  7. I'm stalking for the summer sale! Anyone have a rough estimate on that this year? I know it kind of changes months each year, but I'm "nosing" around every few days to get info and I haven't seen a word about it yet this year.
  8. It's about that time of year again? I'm sniffin around for a sale,haha. It's been like anywhere between June and August before... anyone know when it's coming this year?
  9. Whoo hoo!!! Plenty of time to plot, hee hee!
  10. I've been stalking the forum to find out too,BV. I was told there would be an announcement 'soonish'.
  11. Hi! Is the sale going on this year at the usual time?
  12. Ok, thanks Heather. I was actually thinking of emailing you, I wasn't sure which email was the best, but I'll try hers.
  13. Hi Mara, I don't want to be 'that guy' , and I wouldn't be if I wasn't traveling, but since I already changed the shipping address to come to where I am until September 1st, is it reasonable to expect my two orders will come by then? I know darn well you guys are busy and I'm not trying to be impatient, but the first order hasn't shipped yet and it's been two weeks. I just don't want to miss them. If you can give me a roundabout time estimate that would be awesome. I'd gladly send extra money for expedited shipping too if need be!
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