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  1. I am happy to report that after wearing Levitation (in Super Happy Fun Times) for an hour it has WORKED! I feel so much more positive and upbeat and almost back to my normal sparkly self. I am so happy and won't be afraid to wear this one out anymore. YAY! Now I can go through my day with a happier heart, I am so relieved. It must have been circumstantial the last two times I tried it and nothing to do with the pheros. WOOHOO!
  2. Ok, I am trying out Levitation again in Super Happy Fun Times. The first two times I tried it, my husband and I got in a roaring fight and I could NOT work out of my crabby mood. I had sprayed it on in a great, light mood, excited for a little *sparkle power* and ended up being SUPER crabby. It almost felt like I had put on too much SSFW (sometimes this activates my bitch switch big time if I use too much). I am generally a very fun, happy, cheery positive person. It's one of my greatest strengths, I love to sparkle and bring joy and goodness and flow positive energy to everyone naturally. Lately I have been going through some very trying relationship dynamics, we have crazy planetary influences, and we are generally in a perpetual state of WTH with this pandemic so I have been feeling extra short tempered and crabby, SO not like me, I am usually almost annoyingly happy. So today I feel like I have nothing to lose in trying Levitation again, I am already Mz. Ultra Crabby, haha. Here's hoping. I SO want to find my sweet spot with this one. It seems perfect for me but I have been afraid to use it. I tried OW for the first time because awesome LPMP gave it to me as a freebie sample a couple of days ago and I can't believe I have been using Love Potion pheros for almost 10 years, maybe more, and I have NEVER tried it. I loved OW so what is wrong with me and Levitation?? Seems like a no brainer. Anyway, I am typing just after I sprayed my forearms and chest, hoping for some magic. Wish me luck!
  3. Is this coming back for summer?? It was my FAVORITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Vanwinkle!I am so happy you are reaching out for some support and that you are feeling ready to create new joy and partnership in your life! I love all of the suggestions so far, I haven't tried Open Windows yet, but it sounds like you might really resonate with it. I wanted to strongly second Cougar. It is such bright scent and a great social phero, I always feel fun, flirty, confident, with a smidge of sexy flirty fun when I have it on. It makes me feel like I am sparkling all over and people are naturally drawn to me and feel at ease talking with me. SS4W is also FANTASTIC! If you don't care for Sneaky Clean, try Rocket Fuel, I think it is DELISH!!!!! Like Eggers mentioned above, SS4W is a great friendly, confidence boosting, sexy hip swaying scent for me as well. I also really love Pop Potion, it is just simple, friendly and social. I always seem to get a ton of compliments when I wear it around town and I feel like I *want* to open up and be around everyone too. I hope you find so much goodness in this next phase of your life!
  5. I have really been enjoying the rose scents lately and this one does not disappoint. I adore LAM, it is the one bottle I can't be without in my collection, I panic when I see it going down. This is a beautiful choice to pair with LAM. At first, the blueberry was especially sharp but it dried down to a young, bright rose scent, not like some of those rose scents that I associate with my grandmother's older friends. This is a young smelling rose scent, the sweet pea and the blueberry definitely add that blue dimension to enhance the complexity. I really like it. I just got a sample and am seriously considering a fb. I agree with you, Luna65, I think this scent would be fun to layer with different scents, the resin would make it a richer scent (adding mystery?) rather than the light, sweet blue rose that it is alone.
  6. I LOVE this summery scent. It reminds me of Steamy Bikini without the Gotcha (one of my ALL time faves, my fb of oil didn't last long because I slathered so regularly). I find it doesn't take a lot of sprays to get a beautiful yet subtle all-day fragrance. I have been pairing it with the original LAM and the two together make me feel so sparkly and ready for summer sunshine and golden kisses. I LOVE this scent combo. Also worked with my man. He could NOT keep his hands off me the first time I wore this combo. He usually reacts to LAM but something about the addition of this fragrance just drove him nuts, he was all sparkly-eyed the whole day we spent together and even though it was a pretty grey and cloudy spring day over here in the Pacific Northwest, I felt like the sun was shining on me all day. LOVE this scent! For me, it is a masterpiece!
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