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  1. I am happy to report that after wearing Levitation (in Super Happy Fun Times) for an hour it has WORKED! I feel so much more positive and upbeat and almost back to my normal sparkly self. I am so happy and won't be afraid to wear this one out anymore. YAY! Now I can go through my day with a happier heart, I am so relieved. It must have been circumstantial the last two times I tried it and nothing to do with the pheros. WOOHOO!
  2. Ok, I am trying out Levitation again in Super Happy Fun Times. The first two times I tried it, my husband and I got in a roaring fight and I could NOT work out of my crabby mood. I had sprayed it on in a great, light mood, excited for a little *sparkle power* and ended up being SUPER crabby. It almost felt like I had put on too much SSFW (sometimes this activates my bitch switch big time if I use too much). I am generally a very fun, happy, cheery positive person. It's one of my greatest strengths, I love to sparkle and bring joy and goodness and flow positive energy to everyone naturally. Lat
  3. I LOVE this summery scent. It reminds me of Steamy Bikini without the Gotcha (one of my ALL time faves, my fb of oil didn't last long because I slathered so regularly). I find it doesn't take a lot of sprays to get a beautiful yet subtle all-day fragrance. I have been pairing it with the original LAM and the two together make me feel so sparkly and ready for summer sunshine and golden kisses. I LOVE this scent combo. Also worked with my man. He could NOT keep his hands off me the first time I wore this combo. He usually reacts to LAM but something about the addition of this fragrance just drov
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