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  1. okay it's the chocolate am getting to be honest I was busy with goddess of the blue moon to pay attention to this one ha ha. but I will use rihhan perfume in black it will go every well to give this exotic smell. like the smell but it need a boost I will give a feed back when I try it
  2. . Okay ladies here we go , first I promised my self if goddess of blue moon works for me I will give it a feed back that it deserves , First my advice it that don't just sit and look at the reviews getting disappointed wondering if it really works you won't know until you try it .Second thumbs up just to who ever came up with the mixture .Now last night put some on when I was going to see my sugar papi I just gave him a hug and he is went crazy started kissing like never before ,me holding tight sniffing my neck and behind the ears. Mostly we hug kiss on the cheek talk then do fun things together after but he wanted it right away in the car before we went to his place apologising cause he couldn't control him self and I had a evil smile in the back of my mind saying now you are under my spell ha ha ha no kidding he didn't want to let me go ,he started planning what he will buy for me pampered me . He didn't want me away from his sight for a second told me how beautiful I looked etc i was laughing my ass off cause of the way he was acting around me he loves the way it smells .Trust me this guy is good looking and women including my bestfriend cook and buy him stuff but he turns women down has a very body strong arms really good to cuddle with Infact part from the financial help I get from him love to cuddle with him n do ummm but I liked him the first time saw him I couldn't take my eyes off him I told a co worker who worked there before I came along that I had a crush on the him to my surprise she confessed that she did everything to get him but he turned her down and she laughed and wished me good luck , I took her wishes as a challenge , the way I got him the trick was simple I played hard to get to didn't throw my self at him like the other women did the other thing was my big fun bags that guys at work talked about that picked his interest and gave him the challenge he needed just happens to like feisty women which am , ha ha the first Qns I ask a guy is, you want me then you got to take care of my needs otherwise I show them door well am high maintenance you can't blame me for that Lmao I finally got a the secret weapon to keep him coming back to me I feel sorry for the poor other guys that would fall a victim of goddess of the blue moon it better make my bank account rolling as for me it gets me in a very happy mood. apply a little on my neck before I get to bed actually kinda addicted to the smell love it He was always good to me tho . People were friendly cause It gets in a happy mood to make them comfortable , Goddess of the blue moon for ever. I have it in oil . All I can say it's all I need to keep him hooked cause am sure he will never forget the smell cause of me ha ha and if in future he smells it am sure he will remember me .wow wow wow. my order took 11days to canada . So ladies you won't know if works for you until you try. cheers
  3. Yay sounds like music to my ears , just waiting for my order can't wait to rock and roll on .
  4. I have never used Eow just cause of the smell any1 here that can give me review on how temptress smells please. crossing my fingers cause I just order it
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