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  1. Gals, I wanted to share my first ever experience with pheromones. A little about me though- I like to be honest in everything that I say and do and thus, sometimes that equates to not having a filter. I’m not sure if there are any limitations to descriptions or if there’s such thing as TMI here, but I feel like we are all adults that have the maturity to accept that these things are natural and I’d like to talk as naturally as possible, but please let me know if I should refrain from doing so in the future. The Scent: I applied right out of the shower to enhance the ”freshness” of the scent. Upon the first whiff, my initial impression is that it’s light, clean, crisp. There’s definitely a soft, feminine sweetness that is probably courtesy of the fruit sugars. I automatically visualize a clear, gorgeous day with a swift breeze and a green scenery complimented with pollenating flowers; that’s my impression. The touch of musk is what leaves me thirsty for more. The combination of everything is an ingenious, magnificent smell. Because the scent is so youthful and light, it smells very uplifting, as hearts has so accurately described. The Juice: I’ve been casually dating him for a handful of months. It has never been more than sex, and occasional movies, and unromantic meals. Other than the amazing sex, we aren’t very affectionate (both our usual preferences). Real conversations are hard to come by with this stubborn, seemingly emotionless man. He greeted me with a quick kiss, as usual. Sniff. Sniiifffff. “You smell so good.” Bait is hooked. Within seconds, he kissed me passionately again, and again. And within minutes, he was snuggled right into my body, lovingly caressing me, kissing my forehead, dwindling his fingers with mine. Sex wasn’t hot and rough like the norm. Instead, each thrust was soft and passionate. The hair tugs were lighter. He was no longer throwing me around, he picked me up and laid me gently. And something happened that almost never occurs for me: we finished at the same time, which can be a very magical moment, as corny as that sounds. He was insanely chivalrous throughout the night. Basically, anything I wanted or needed, he tended to it. We laughed and had long, meaningful conversations for the rest of the night. I was simply amazed.
  2. Ladies, I'm in awe at how helpful you've been and not reluctant to spread the fun and knowledge. I'm normally a very observant and intuitive person and was initially frustrated when I had a lack of reaction with both social and sexual pheromones. HOWEVER, with the wonderful general advice of "less is more", I used less than half of what I applied before with Fairy Musk w/ Treasure Hearts and OMG! It simply calls for a review TODAY! I can't wait to share my experience with you guys. Thank you again, girls.
  3. Thank you ladies for taking so much time to read into and provide guidance. I'll definitely work on limiting the amount (I should have known the desire to overwhelm oneself with products through the forums) whilst I make a list of different blends for next paycheck =) Hopefully, I'll soon be able to translate what I smell and feel into illustrating words to provide reviews.
  4. Hi Ladies (and Gents)! I am brand new to the entire idea and concept of pheromone usage. Prior to placing my first order, I intensively researched and studied every pheromone molecule and blend; even made flashcards! Based on personal liking and reading existing reviews, I decided on: Samples of: -LP White -LP Red -LP Gold -Fairy Musk w/ Treasured Hearts -X Appeal w/ Sexology -Sneaky Clean w/ SS4W -LP Sexology III Roll ons of: -UNLevitation -UNBANG! I initially applied Levitation (once on wrist, twice from chest to torso, and nape of neck) and covered with dabs of LP White (absolutely magnificent! ), as many have suggested. No effects on either me or surroundings. Couple hours past and I reapplied. Nothing. I thought maybe I should try something more "intense," so today, I rolled BANG! on wrists, cleavage, torso, and clavicle bone, let dry for 10-15 minutes, then covered with dabs of LP Red. This time, I was in my work environment and there was absolutely no reaction again. Everyone and everything was within normality. I reapplied during lunch with fingers crossed and still, no dice. I became a little discouraged. Any suggestions of what could be wrong?
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