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  1. Hi guys! I'm in Australia and I met this guy in USA 6 months ago on a dating app and we've been video chatting about 20hrs a week for the past few months. We've never met in real life and it might still be a while due to covid travel restrictions so we've agreed to send eachother a shirt of ours to help me with my physical touch love language. My plan was to wear a lot of bonbon booty and put my shirt on top. I didnt have any drydown time as I couldn't smell any funk anyway so I thought it was just covered really well. I planned to wear the shirt to bed and take it off in the morning and send that with a sweet letter. It's the next morning now and I don't smell anything disgusting.... but I'm paranoid because of cops and I'm wondering if my nose is just off. Worst case scenario is there's a whole lot of funk that I can't pick up on and he gets the shirt and thinks "OMG she smells disgusting!!!!" What do you think?
  2. Hi Everyone! I've been snooping on the forum for a while over the past few years but was too shy to say hello haha I'm super nervous posting this!! I went to an all-girls school, so even with graduating High school being about 8 years ago, I still have a tendency to see boys as magical shiny mysterious beings lol. I'm currently 25y/o and 6ft tall and I really like my body shape. In 2017 I bought a bottle of 1x EST and some OCCO white. I wore it to work in a supermarket hoping to get TG to make a move. I was OBSESSED with him haha. EVERY male coworker suddenly became super sweet, doting, forward and flirtatious EXCEPT TG who actively tried to get away from me. I later wore the combo on my first date with TG (I ended up asking him after about 3 months of crushing and flirting without the pheromones, his brother's GF told me he was a super shy guy and not very successful with the ladies lol). While walking me home he made a sexual suggestion that I felt was disrespectful and so out of the blue from the happy conversation we were having. As soon as he saw the look on my face he started screaming in pain while looking at the ground and I was like 😮!!! "OMG WHATS WRONG?!?!" and that's when he told me we were too different to keep dating while refusing to ever tell me why. For years I wondered what the hell happened but after reading more about what you guys have written on cops I think his pain of rejection and confusion b/c of my heavy cop signal might have been the major factor there. Also in 2017 I wore the EST OCCO white combo to a church dance once. My guy friends who are the closet things I have to brothers suddenly started trying to get closer to me in a romantic sort of way. The dance chaperones were DIHL and flocked to me and I ended up getting the trophy for best dressed when I didn't even dress up to the theme! I just wore the same dress I wore to church every Sunday XD I stopped using pheromones after the date incident with my once TG from 2017. But now I'm in a situation where I've moved location and am looking to date some guys in my congregation at church and hopefully eventually get married. A psychiatrist once told me not take the lack of guys asking us girls on dates as a sign that we are undesirable, but that it's more because of the small community and marriage pressure at our age and ALL the girls being so unique and awesome. The guys are too afraid to act incase an invitation on a date is taken as a sign he wants to get married to the girl ruining his chances with the other girls. So all of us are just kinda... not dating... flirting, but not dating... Or the girls are asking the guys out and then the guys act super confident and pursue none of them... I'm looking to see if apart from enhancing my physical appearance and overall life excitement, some pheromones might help guys care more about dating me than the possible social limitations attached to dating that I earlier described. When I first revisited this place again with my new agenda after forgetting about pheromones in 2017 I thought "OMG I NEED MORE SEX APPEAL TO MAKE THE IDEA OF DATING ME MORE PLEASURABLE THAN NOT DATING ME!" And thought I should go head-first into church activities (dodgeball, boardgames, potluck etc) with Blatant invitation haha... But now I'm thinking that more of LFM or Popularity Potion or Lumina... maybe with a little bit of BBM if I feel I really need it... I do want to broadcast high value as a sexual partner with and that the intimacy under the proper circumstances would be mind-blowing. However I do not want to broadcast that I'm super promiscuous and desperately horny for every guy in the room right now because I feel that would work against my goals of furthering any relationship I might want to develop. Thanks for reading if you made it this far! Any advice as to what blends might work best in this scenario?? You guys are awesome! VP
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