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    Hello There!

    Thanks so much for the welcome everyone! Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!
  2. Pallas is one of my favorites too! I just feel so sparkly and beautiful when I wear it (clearly the Lumina talking- LOL).
  3. Yes, I would agree with Luna that this is super feminine with a hint of spice. This was my first full purchase from LPMP, and I added LFM to it (mostly for the selfies since I have it in oil form). I adore the way it smells, and it was going to be my signature before my mom hijacked my bottle it smells beautiful on her as well, and she says she gets lots of compliments.
  4. The description for this scent was beautiful and I was drawn to it immediately. This scent sticks to me like honey (ha ha). I REEK of honey when I wear this, and it lingers even after a good scrub in the shower with castile soap (my weird way of testing the staying power of my scents). I wore this around a new flame and he didnt appear to respond to it, but I plan to wear it more and see if theres a hit.
  5. mthrbrd

    Hello There!

    Hello everyone! My (real) name is Chelsea and Im a short-term lurker and newly obsessed with LPMP. Im recently graduated, in my early 20s, and Im in California. My purchases so far: Lumina w/ Pallas Oshun & Ogun 1200 BC (I added LFM to this one) Year One w/ Perfect Match 1969 w/ Perfect Windows Im super excited about Pherotine *rubs hands greedily*
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