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  1. Thanks @hedgehog for you kind words. I am so determined to find myself a valuable man and healthy relationship. It wont matter how long it takes, or how many guys i have to meet in the process. I am officially single for more then 7 years. i dont always pick such men , so that's not my pattern for sure. I am at an age where its not easy to find eligible bachelors, specially in my country, still i will wait for the right one to arrive. Else i am fine single then in an abusive relationship.
  2. Thanks all of you my friends. I did post all the details in detail so i get a completely rational insights on the situation. You all seems on be on same page and so am i, that this guy is so inconsistent. Plus i am happy that road situation did happen. I got to know what kind of man he is. that was very surprising, despite all his sweetness he left me on road all alone. I kept on thinking about that behavior while i waited on road for the crane and help. If i happened to be with a man and his car breaks, i wont leave and stay till all is sorted, no matter whatever next urgency is.
  3. Yes , he meant call it off now rather. Wont be good invest more time and effort when its not going anywhere. Mind game?? How is my question? I need to know , what i did wrong? So either i correct with him or correct in future , with any other man. If its my pattern and it goes wrong with a man?
  4. Do you think so??? He said he is very stubborn and once he is gone he will be gone. I said so am i , no u turns for me not for anything. May be you have better exprience, but i am thinking its called off. He said so in clear words before i suggested to take time off. He almost said what you want to do? He said there is no point to continue, as its not working now so it wont work in future. And what you saying about LFM? Please help me understand.
  5. I am little off and feeling little low for the moment. I liked this guy and told him too. and i think this happened after 4 5 years of me looking and meeting people on single dates. i couldn't get past one date with any guy. They wanted second dates bit i didn't . i like strong man and alpha because i know only such a man can be with me. I wont let this hit me on my self esteem or confidence, but i am sure thinking do i need to learn to sit back and relax? i surley do not know how to do that? no man was around so i don't know how to be in that skin. I fend me and my daughter and fought my own
  6. But all the thanks to Leather and SWS, they did their job very well. A player will find ways to run and a legit man will stay with her strong woman, knowing who she is and with whon he wishes to be with.
  7. Hi, It was long to read but i mentioned everything so it makes sense to connect with what happened next. As he abruptly cancelled yesterday plan, i sensed something going on. So refrained from texting till sleep time. he texted goodnight finally, i replied and there we started a bit conversation. He said he was feeling guilty about what happened yesterday. I simply said, things happen and i moved past it. he said today's is the last day we can chat till sunday as he is going to his sis now. ( I find this strange). I just touched a little on this. I said you wanted to talk in person
  8. Hi, Some update here I wore leather with 1 drop of pure cops 20 mins dry down and covered with off shelf perfume. Added 2 Bnol and (some happy mone from other company) After 2 hours i applied SWS We met yesterday and had some good time. He came to me directly from station and we were hanging out in the same mall. He got me chocolates , a brooch and some calligraphy writings. That was cute. He held my waist and complimented how great i was looking in formals. after 30 mins or so he insisted me to eat. He wasn't eating so ordered for me. He was lovingly looking at me
  9. Hi, After being little distant naturally & some conversations, things took good turn. The choice was given to me to plan the date, place and time and he will do as i say. His idea was i should feel comfortable in whatever we do together so i should plan as per my liking and choice. So i decided the location where i am most comfortable. He will come to my side and then after spending day with me, he will go to his hotel. Basis on how this goes we shall plan next day after his work. Again i have full liberty to plan and he will follow whatever i say for next day too. I wil
  10. Yeah Dear! Any creation need effort and patience. I am determined to find myself a high value and caring man. I can drop him anytime that's very easy if he is not legit or undeserving in any way. but if he turns out to be good, i will be happy. There are many common interests we share and we talk on and on about those. He is amazing calligrapher and would share his writings. He helps me in my small DIY's and his ideas are awesome, so are mine and when we talk, we have such good fun time talking and experimenting on those. i cant write everything here, but our creativity inclination got us con
  11. Who knows this is the legit Dob or just on papers? for last 2 days guy is not texting or into chat o r call much. Waits for me to initiate all that. Not a good sign, he is just trying to read , how much i am into him.
  12. Thanks, but only if i go. Things don't seem bright, at least so far. till the last call of yesterday.If any development today, might change my mind.
  13. OMG, anything can happen anywhere. You find all sorts of people everywhere. Country culture really don't matter.
  14. Well Thanks @raydee8_love. for reading and your thoughts. I am waiting to see the action on offers, so far none. He seems frugal on date thing as well. As he mentioned he would not think of going for lunch as he is on diet for weight. he needs to do that for job. Okay understandable but i can always eat. But he has no plan for any lunch date. In fact he said he is not getting hotel options towards my side of city so i might need to travel towards him. And he says why to make plans we will see as we go and whatever time and situation permits. BTW his trip is official and hotel paid too but , if
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