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  1. I am fairly new to pheromones and I just bought a bunch from Love Potion and I was wondering if you guys could give me some pointers as to how to get the best results with LFM (strength x 2) ? 1. How much do I apply and where? 2. When is the best time to apply it before being around the guy/people I want to affect? 3. How close do I have to be to the person and or how long do I have to be around him for the pheromones to "hit" him? 4. Can I use perfume over it or will that destroy the mones?
  2. I sprayed BBM over me in a hurry running out the door, I sprayed like six times or something on my neck and wrists. Some got in my hair, I don't know wtf I was thinking.. It ended up making me sick and stinking on me, I gagged and could hardly stand to be around myself. The others I was running to meet said I smelled terrible, and I did. I ran inot the shower the second I got home and scrubbed down to get it off me. I overdosed, right?
  3. Thanks for the replies guys! I am single and I do want some attention from guys, and I do want to be noticed at work too, especially by a guy there.. I want the guys on my workplace to be nice to me and help me and to like me. But I don't want them to want me though. Exept for that one guy, I want him so freaking bad and that is the one I am wanting wear some sexual mones around. To make him want me. I there are any self effects by any of the mones I have bought, that would be a great bonus. I guess what I wanted to know was if the sexual mones are being over exaggerated in here
  4. As title says, do you feel like your life has changed after discovering pheromones? Has your daily life been impacted? Your weekends? Do you feel more alive? More happy? Looking forward to things more?
  5. I'm new to both this forum and to mones, but I have read some threads in here to check up on the mones I have ordered. Here is list of the mones I have ordered: (just copying from my confirmation email) Like A Magnet Scented Pheromone Spray - 1 fl.oz.,3x strength -, Scent:Pink Amber Beth's Blushing Milkmaid - Enhanced with EoW Copulins!,1 fl.oz. Perfume Spray Sexpionage UNscented Pheromone Blend for Women: SEXPIONAGE,1 fl.oz. Alcohol-based Spray (1x), Extracurricular Proclivities - Pheromone Enhanced Perfume for Women,1 fl.oz. Pe
  6. yeah I have kind of a low self esteem and I have not that very much experience with guys, so it would be so great if I could get my hands on some mones that would help me feel more on top o my game, i you know what I'm saying. Thanks for the answers guys, you are a great support and help! <3
  7. I have ordered several love potion pheromones, but I live in Norway and I just ordered them the other day so I think it's gonna be quite some time before I get them here..? You guys are so lucky living in the U.S! I am so new to this, never wore pheros before, so I have some questions I hope you guys can help me with!. I just got my Pink Sugar and EoW this week and I have been wanting to try them out together, but is it appropriate to combine these two with no other pheromones? I get kind of nauseous from the sickening sweet Pink sugar scent, will it be altered after applied over EoW?
  8. Hey, I'm new to this and to pheromones and I ordered like 12 different pheromones at the same time lol, cause I'm a desperate single with a tad of patheticness 29 year old... Anyway, I ordered them on Saturday March 31, and I was wondering, if you had to take a guess, when would you bet my mones would arrive in Norway? Considering easter is up and everything.. I want them soo baaad!!! Thank you!
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