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OW with a fresh outdoors scent or linen or even something like fresh-cut lumber (as is for men/sweetened a bit for women who like sweeter scents)


BB with a linen or cotton, or a powdery scent like oak moss or violet or sweet corn silks, maybe a warm scent or baked bread


Charisma with a fresh, zingy feeling, something fresh like citrus, but able to last/sea-like/a fresh and clean


Mother's Little Helper, needs a passive-aggressive tone. Something sweet or baked or fresh laundry teamed with thistle or black pepper.

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I think SWS would be awesome with a clean scent (not necessarily a green one) Shut Up and Get a Job smelled like a LUSH store to me, and it was so perfect. Definitely could be unisex and yet not overpowering for a work setting

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M: as per your request for scent types:



Alpha-Androstenol - clean green or masculine citrus

Phero B2.2 - musk or unisex

Charisma - musk or green chypre

Dirty Old Man - I think you should stick with the same scent for this one.

Hunter Trapper - deep resin blend

Open Windows - subtle musk

MVP for Men - clean green or aquatic

Perfect Match - unisex

Swimming With Sharks - clean green or sheer musk

Topper - clean green or aquatic

True Confessions - musk or masculine gourmand



Alpha-Androstenol - fruity (i.e citrus)

Balm Bomb - gourmand lavender

BANG! - SLF or fuckable gourmand

Blatant Invitation - flowery musk

Dominance - deep resin blend

Empathy Potion - fuzzy herbal or comforting resins

G2 - musk or unisex

Girl/Girl - unisex floral

Gotcha! - "man magnet" gourmand type

Heart & Soul - gourmand

Lace - fruity floral

La Femme Mystere - sparkling floral

La Femme Noire - deep resin blend

Leather - unisex or deep resin blend

Levitation - fruity

Lumina - airy floral

Mega Watt - caffeinated!

Mother's Little Helper - comfort gourmand

Open Windows - comfort gourmand or subtle musk

Perfect Match - unisex

Popularity Potion - sparkling floral or glamour citrus

Swimming With Sharks - subtle resin/musk

Topper - fruity

Treasured Hearts - sugary floral or subtle musk

True Confessions - musk or unisex


Super helpful!

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On 5/13/2018 at 6:00 AM, melisse said:

I don’t see one of my daily-wear favorites - 1969 w/Open Windows? on the list.

I think a few of the time travel series might be missing, I didn't see Year One w/ PM on there and it's one I love.

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On 10/13/2012 at 1:08 PM, Potion Master said:

SOLD OUT Potions...

Pheromone Blend - - Fragrances containing that blend:

Men's Blends:

Alpha & Beta Nols - - Message in a Bottle, Pinnacle
B2 - - Unisexy, Unisexy 2014
Charisma - - Legend, Iconic Tonic, Lucero, Salute, Leopold
Dirty Old Man - - Dirty Old Man
Drop Your Guard - - Synchronicity
Focus Potion - - Aether
Heart Throb - - Captain Fantastic, Dark Desires

Hedione - - H2000
Hunter Trapper - - , Thrill of the Chase, Ambuscade
Intellectual Man - - La Vie de Boheme for Men, DAD for Men
MVP for Men - - Ruisseau, Top Dog, Touchdown!
Open Windows - - Extracurricular Proclivities, Thunder, Valhalla, Lightning in a Bottle
Perfect Match - - Allumette, Portmanteau, Unisexy 2012, Mark's Girl Nip 2014, Kara Kedi, Cuddle Musk, Unisexy 2017,
Super Sexy for Men - - Excalibur LE, Super for Men (v1), Shade, Sorcerer v2, Blue for Men, Super
Swimming with Sharks - - Mercuralia, Shark Whisperer, Oleander the Great, The Art of War, Lap of Luxury, Spell: Shut Up & Get a Job, Mean Business, Edmund, Winner!,
Teddy Potion BB - - Teddy Potion (v1), GOAL!
TMI - - Enlightenment
Topper - - Strange Attractors
True Confessions - - Weapon X, Seer
Wanted Man - - Sorcerer, Sudden Impact, Home Run!, Alaric
Assorted - - Phero Boy, Miss Right Now, PB: Dominance, Tantric Butterfly, Woodland Man

Women's Blends:

AJA - - Horny, Seaside Sizzle
Alpha-Androstenol - - Allegro, Elevation Potion, Flying Potion (v1 & 2), Happy Water (v1), Breathe into Me, Blissful Caress, Happy Water (v2)

Alpha & Beta Nols - - Message in a Bottle
Audacious - - Far Far Away, Soaked, Aliya
Phero B2.2 - - Unisexy, Unisexy 2014
Balm Bomb - - Heart's Ease, Patience Potion, Beautiful Dreamer, To Soothe A Broken Heart,
BAM Formula - - Dolce Far Niente, Happy Ending, Buttercream Peach
BANG! - - Extracurricular Proclivities, Coquette, Love Potion: Incandescence, Saisha
Blatant Invitation - - Torrid Sorcery, Love Potion® Phero Charged LE, Bewitched & Beguiled, Mr Right Now, Naughty but Nice, Rocket Fuel (v2), Odalisque, Petit-Four Your Thoughts?, Under Your Spell, Caressful Breeze
Cougar Potion - - Sparkle Fuchsia, Enduring Appeal, Pizazz
Cuddle Bunny - - Velvet Kisses, Dance of Passion, Living Doll, Velvet Kisses 2015
Drop Your Guard - - Synchronicity
Dominance - - Phero Girl: Dominance, Sorceress, Tabby, Sex & Violins, Dom Noire
Empathy Potion - - Empathy & Harmony
EoW Copulins - - Closer, Nakai Nectar, Naughty in Paradise, Tail, OCCO Purple, OCCO Green, OCCO Ambrosia, Jouir De, OCCO: Ambrosia 2013, Cops & Robbers, Titillating Temptress, Naughty Naughty, Spell: Breath of Nirvana, Pouncing Potion, OCCO: Ambrosia 2014, Horny, Ambrosia of Eros, Totem: Goat, Bawdy Babe, Love Potion: Tropique, Closer, Electric Heart, OCCO Ambrosia 2016, Spell 2015: Fascination Potion,
Estratetraenol - - Eternal Chain
Focus Potion - - Focus Pocus, Liquid Fluorite
G2 - - Bosom Bows (v1, 2, & 3)

Girl Girl - Love Is Love,
Gotcha! - - Fuzzy Wuzzy, Honeyed Love Potion, Tickle, Tickle, Love Potion: Exotica, Secret Sweetness
Heart & Soul - - 7 Minutes to Midnight, A Kiss of Magic, Passion in Pink, Papal Purple, Love Potion: Flutterby

Hedione - Moist, Mermaid's Kiss, H2000
Intellectual Woman - - La Vie de Boheme for Women
Lace - - Girly Twirly, Garland & Lace (v1,2,3,4,5), LP Red Lace, Tease, CC: Gypsum White
La Femme Mystere - - Goddess of the Blue Moon, La Sylphide, Love Potion: Rouge, Pirouette
La Femme Noire - - Because the Night, Unbridled, Totem: Bat, Goddess of the Blue Moon,
Leather - - Dangerous Games, Glistening Buttons, Absinthe of Malice, Bad Girl

Levitation - - Levitation Potion Perfume, Flying Potion 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, CC: Gamboge, Ladybird

Lumina - - All Hallow's Eve 2011, Pherodise
Magnet Formula - - Love Blossom, Purple Puff, Captivation Equation, LAM: Orchid Rose, Buttercream Peach, Playdate, Elara,

Mega Watt - - Tea & Flowers,
Mother's Little Helper - - Mayberry, Kitten Nip, Totem: Kangaroo
Open Windows - - Stealing Heaven, Irresistible Forces, Levitation, River Song, Totem: Panda, Lightning in a Bottle
Perfect Match - - Allumette, Portmanteau, Unisexy 2012, Allumette v2, The Promise (v2) [Magical Omaha], CC: Blush, Mark's Girl Nip 2014, Kara Kedi, Cuddle Musk, Unisexy 2017,
Popularity Potion - - Darling Clementine, Wildflower, Who's That Lady, Darling Catalina, Sweet Chic, Totem: Lamb, Rose Dust
Sexology - - Bloomin' Naughty, X-Appeal, Indecent Exposure
Sexpionage - - BALLS!, BLUD
Soulmate - Forever After, Tamashii No Tomo, The Promise (v1)
Super Sexy for Women - - Super for Women, Detective & the Dame, Rocket Fuel (v1)
Swimming with Sharks - Breaking the Ceiling, Mercuralia, Oleander the Great, Phero Charged Money Potion, Shark Whisperer, Money Honey, Phero Charged Money Potion v2, The Art of War, Spell: Shut Up & Get a Job, Lap of Luxury, Mean Business, Totem: Beaver, Phero Charged Money Potion, Edmund, Winner!,
Teddy Potion BB - - Teddy Man (v1), Jubilee, The Big Easy
TMI - -
Topper - - Strange Attractors, Crescendo, Summershine,
Tranquility Potion - - May Day!, Elixir of Silver
Treasured Hearts - - Coeur de l'Amour, Rainbow Falls, Get Happy, Fairy Musk, Winter's Grace, Love Potion: Terra Mater, Sparkle Frost
True Confessions - - Seer
Assorted - - Me Jane, CFM, Neanderlicious, Tantric Butterfly



Is there an updated list of scents that are available now???? I find that some are in the actual Etsy store and others are on the luvpotionperfume.com (which is also powered by Etsy). 

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Maya, the FIRST post contains the list that is available now. The post you quoted are Sold Out offerings, as stated. Just read the top post.


Correct, some items are available on Etsy, but ALL are available on the temp site, LuvPotionPerfume.com

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