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  1. I have some Aja just above the label bottle i can't get rid of and don't like, it's yours for the taking if your interested i don't like it, too honey for me!
  2. only add them to the scented ones you have like if you have magnet scented or BI or others, but don't mix the pheros up only add to already scented ones you have like if you have cuddle bunny scented then you add the Un ext.
  3. for the roller bottles are you going to make your own scented pheros? you know you could always add a drop or 2 of the un pherotines to your already phero scented, it would be a good boost!
  4. is the new site working now? i ordered from the old
  5. ok thanks, maybe it's me that misunderstood?
  6. https://luvpotionperfume.com/listing/216872196/pherotine-la-femme-mystere-for-women look at the bottom!
  7. Yes i know, but the pherotines are more concentrated ones, so i was looking for reviews of those rather than the classic 1000mg.
  8. Just wondering if there was a thread somewhere on peoples reviews of the pherotines?
  9. Yes got Dom pherotine and LFM Pherotine how do you like the pherotines? did you add yours to perfume?
  10. it smells really nice and sweet vanilla!
  11. Fang

    Reindeer Droppings

    try the Trade section for that, i have a bottle of Aja just above the label and full bottle of Honeyed Gotcha i want to get rid of too, think i might give those away as Aja is just above the label and Honey Gotcha has been used once will see anyway haven't decided yet.
  12. i have had good results with compromising positions when worn and smelt on the neck!
  13. Fang

    Reindeer Droppings

    no it's ok lol, was just wondering how you got to try it, as it says it was from 2014, didn't know you have been wearing pheros for soo long!
  14. Think it's best to only try the Unisex ones, and not the mens ones!
  15. Fang

    Reindeer Droppings

    how did you manage to test this one?
  16. how will DHEAS or Topper make you be able to wear it out of the house?, as i haven't worn Dheas or Topper just wondering what it will change?, do they make a difference?
  17. Fang

    Hi, everyone!

    would love to see the pics, the DOM you wore, was it the scented? do you have UN in your collection?
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