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  1. I do like LFM. Within a second or so of rolling on the self effects are tremendous. I feel enlivened...and 'wiggly', if that can be qualified. If I provide that feeling to the world around me, how lucky it is. How long might the world around me get such feelings? 1 hour? 2? 4? Is there an uncomfortable overdose level?
  2. I used to get all manner of reaction from my LAM...and other stuff too. Now, I feel as I've donned the cape of invisibility. Have I overloaded the foreseeable universe or am I giving off wrong vibes? I just can't tell...but trying to mellow it out and pay more attention...
  3. So...anyone feel that different LAM flavors have a different reaction? Myself, I love(d) the orchid rose (and then...in an apparent attempt to burn down my home, put my purse on a still-hot glass-top stove. Good-bye LAMs...good-bye Kate Spade purse...good-bye Lip Ink...good-bye city-lips plumpers. To hell with everything else...these were at the top of my "DAMMIT!" list...Oh, back to LAMs...I now have the 'others' to use...but I hate the smell of sugar, which they all smell like to me. But...I'm a trooper! I have worn them out and da-a-ammmm if those sugary blends don't make men turn their heads...while the Orchid Rose gets me just a 'that's a delightful smell, is that YOU?"
  4. I've been flat broke for 2 months...have a couple extra bucks with nothing immenent to spend them on...so back here I am at LP (I had to stay away when I knew I couldn't pay...because I cannot be trusted here, and would have tried to sneak a few bottles of something or other and pulled my hair out later). I WANT THIS! I think I also saw that this is included in this month's Goddess of the Blue Moon? Must try putting together a shopping cart that won't break me...
  5. I have been trying out the CB daily, trying to note the responses I get. The majority of commenters are girly-girls. Last weekend (I wore CB with Treasured Hearts) I was at a local pub and a young beauty sat on the stool next to me. As I was talking to my male friend to my right, I started 'feeling' someone 'approaching' me on the left. She then sat up abruptly and apologized, eyes wide, said that I smelled to her like a Burberry candle and couldn't help herself from snuggling up on my shoulder.
  6. I am now on my second bottle of CB, the scented version. I personally don't love the scent, but the rest of the world seems to respond to it well. I can't get the clean sheets/dryer sheets smell at all (which I think I'd prefer). What I smell is a sickly-sticky sugar smell (I HATE sugar...the smell of cookies and cakes baking makes me want to run and purge my poor olfactories), but luckily that sugar smell leaves my cognition fairly quickly. I also tend to have the 'more is more' mentality and layer/spray other things on at the same time (MORE PHEROS! MORE!). That all said, like I said, when I was earlier saying...people like it. Women in particular will stop what they're doing to ask what the smell is because I 'always smell so good'. Men friends being cuddly will wiggle up under my ear and pronounce their undying happiness at the ability to be just there doing just that. I do believe that CB is a keeper, along with the other one, from that other site, with that other smell that many here hate as much as I hate sugary smells. That coupling always works well for me too, however unlikely the scent pairing may be. Oh, and I forgot there were cops in it--I don't smell them at all. When I put on LAM, there's no doubt about what I'm doing. But with CB, I don't detect the cops smell.
  7. Thank you. I write...but I don't know that I'd qualify that further by labeling myself a writer. I've been hired to do technical writing for my friend (a dentist. I simply can't get excited about learning much about the dental sciences and translating to the lay person in a 'spicy, yet informative' couple of paragraphs. He's also hired me to edit his book about his humanitarian work overseas, but I've yet to see anything concrete come out of that). My friends have asked many times that I write a book of my travels (I used to live in West Africa, have crossed the Sahara overland to Timbuktu...which I DID write about...and a couple of other things that apparently capture attention), but writing on FB or in posts or emails is my expression of the myriad thoughts desirous of an outing from my cranium via my digits, committing to actual writing fetters me as it's no longer a release valve, instead transforming into an iron maiden of sorts. I just like to play with words. And take liberties. And have fun with it all. :-) Plus, I type at the speed of light. Ah, the dingos. Well...they're strange and wonderful African souls. Basenjis, the African dingo. Although they are kept as domesticated pets and classified as dogs by the AKC, they are still wild things. Genetically, they are not truly related to domestic canids so much as they are to the jackal or dingo. They 'decided' through the last couple of thousands of years spent living aside humans to adopt us into THEIR plan. Both of mine are rescues, from homes that realized that it's not so easy to bring a wild beastie into one's home and expect it to behave according to plan. They ARE crazy smart. Scary smart. And wickedly dangerous when they desire to be. They've evolved as large-game hunters on the African plains. They do not bark (but can be vocal), do not shed, have no smell and come equipped with the ability to climb anything, including trees (thank goodness nobody has informed my own that the same skill that allows them to climb about the furniture like cats is the same that could be used to climb the foliage near the fenceline to escape.). Where my son is the scent-master, my 10-year old daughter is the animal whisperer, and has been an enormous asset while assimilating these two into our family. Your home sounds wonderful! And yes, the seasonal change IS satisfying. AND exciting, as the moment of realization hits that the next is upon us! I grew up on the east coast, where there were 4 distinct seasons. Then moved to West Africa, where there was only Dry season, Lesser Rainy Season, Greater Rainy Season and a moment known as Harmattan where the winds sweeping down across the Sahara would fill the air with silt and sand from the desert and block out the viciousness of the sun. Here in the Sierra Nevada foothills, we do have seasons, but some (most notably spring) are often so short, and come so unexpedtedly, that if we don't celebrate them in the moment, we find ourselves foisted into the next. But back to pheros and scents :-) I will buy some of the melts and experiment...it's interesting to me that diffusion can happen without the human chemistry component that I'd thought integral to all pheros (again...new to this all!!) ~~sigh~~wish I had unlimited funds to purchase a full arsenal and experiment madly!!
  8. Our 'primary' heat source is a diesel burner (house built in 1950), but I really try to 'supplement-mostly' with the wood stove and not use the diesel heater unless absolutely necessary. It's noisy and dirty and...well, probably toxic. I suppose the wood-smoke is too at some level, but having the fire in the family room tends to draw us all together (myself, the 2 kids and the 2 dingos...we're all fire-babies). There's a calming influence and I'm learning to welcome winter :-) The changing of the daylight hours has produced a profound effect on this family. Where we were flying about under the aegis of the sun before winter struck; through the house, the yard, the universe; familial bits approaching a state of maximum entropy, order has been somehow restored. Now it's dark. And cold. And a gorgeous fire in the stove seems to re-align and restructure us, reigning us in quietly with a common focus. Winter hurts, but it also filters out the peripheral input and provides a blanket of contentment. Add to them some co-mingling of earthy scents, it can't help but provide a cozy haven for us all. My fire-box is large and the insert is inefficient, so I think I could get away with an earthen bowl with melts. But I've also wondered about the oil in the water pot too. I believe I shall experiment!
  9. Great ideas...the EOs and the melts! He's so in tune with scent...a friend was once going to teach him to distill fragrance because she recognized something in his 'nose' and thought that he'd do really well, but she had to move away suddenly and that, sadly, was that. BUT...he has a warmer in his room and loves to experiment with different scents in his living space. I've noticed that he'll first smell anything new (food, drink, paper...). One year we were trying to come up with games for his younger sister's birthday party and he came up with, well, I don't know what you'd call it. He wanted to put different smelling things in covered containers and make everyone smell-then-guess what they were. I need to check out any sort of happy/focus/feel-good vibe melts for home. And actually, I was thinking about the fact that our wood-stove fireplace insert could do a nice job of melting up some wondrous scents in a ceramic bowl...hmmm... Thanks for that!!
  10. Thanks Luna! And that's why I'm here...I'm so amazed at the amount of phero knowledge here...I keep thinking to myself "How am I ever going to get it all straight? I can't afford to keep buying and trying..." I think perhaps I'll have to start up a spreadsheet or database...Off-topic from the kid subject...but I start free-associating and well...I'm just like that I'm about to continue on in that vein, but it's so off-topic that I suppose it would be better to start a different thread...in the event that it's relevant to anyone else out there!
  11. Thanks all for the input! Doc says he's a mix of hyperactive and inattentive...and prescribed meds as a trial. We'll see. I just really want him to feel 'normal' and be successful. @ Lady Victoria--he's also been labeled 'gifted' and is in the program...always the smartest kid, just can't get his whole act in line with what the school needs, unfortunately. He's done front of class, back of class, alone, in a group, off to the side...it doesn't seem to matter. He can't seem to help himself from wiggling or talking or as one teacher said 'leaving his seat inappropriately and even giving in to 'doing a little jig'. So...that's why I thought, hmmm...maybe a little focus-by-potion might be of assistance. So I'm curious...application of pheros to a developing somebody can change up their chemical make-up? I wear pheros daily, kids or no kids around, and to my knowledge, they've encountered no ill effects. However, I'm still new to the chemistry/phero world, and ever-so curious. Please do comment and share your wealth of collective knowledge!
  12. Well! :-) I'm still not sure if I'm overdoing or under-doing. But thanks for the responses!!! How do you know if you're 'amping' something or not? I'm so worried thatI'm going to smell too strongly that the "I'm 'allergic' to all scent" folks will be feigning attacks or something...yet, I want to have SOMETHING hovering about me. And as for the pheros, which is mostly my interest rather than plain scent, that's a harder thing to guage, since there's no meter to rely upon that goes from green to red as a re-ap is needed. I just keep rolling and rubbing and adding...and hoping for the best! Oh...and...drydown? How does one know, particularly with an oil, if the 'dry' is completely 'down'? I find myself using the roller oils, then spraying my fav (from elsewhere, who's scent seems to make most here very unhappy but that I myself adore...maybe it just works well with my chemistry) and letting it all 'do it's thing'. Is there a protocol for one oil with another with an alcohol-based spray?
  13. :-) I have been playing with my LPMP pheros for a couple of months...and I just don't know how to 'dose'. With a spray bottle, it's fairly defined. Press finger on atomizer...done. One 'dose'. But the oils in a roller bottle? I just don't know. I use Oleander the Great (because I work with/for power-hungry beeatches) and cuddle bunny (although I don't care for the smell, myself, others do seem to respond well to it). I LOVE the smell of the LAM rose orchid...for whatever that's worth. But...what is a slather? I started quite small with my application, now I roll wantonly and smear it all around...but maybe I roll out 1 'dose', maybe 12. I'd like to figure this out! Please? Help?
  14. He'll be 12 quite soon. He'll be 'officially' diagnosed with ADHD tomorrow. Brilliant child, can't sit still and focus. Loves scent. I'm wondering...could a phero help this amazing critter? I have a trial or two of Focus Potion (but I don't know if he'll like the scent...I don't...). Has anyone ever shared their pheros with kids and if so, to what end? If so, any other ideas of what could help him 'remember to turn in homework', 'stay seated in class', 'refrain from yelling out funny things and getting peers off-task', etc?
  15. Thank you everyone...for the tips and the welcomes! I think I'm starting to 'get it' now a little! Dolly, thanks for the tip about rubbing in the EoW. I'll keep experimenting. AND...I've got a lovely box of wonders heading my way soon to work with! I'm popping off to Africa next week for a couple of weeks, I won't be bringing/wearing pheros or scents there...Once I get home again, I'll be a blank canvas all over again (hopefully the memory won't blank out too and bring back the same questions!)
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