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  1. Calli, LP Red and OCCO Red is my very fave combo, too.
  2. Oh my god, I think I have found a staple. I LOVE LP Pink. Wow. WOW. This is like cotton candy, berry heaven with a touch of vanilla and buttery smoothness rounding out the gragrance profile. I really amp the berries at first, and I love that it turns into a sugary, playful, sexy number. I'm going to try this out with some Treasured Hearts.
  3. I got a few different unscented 'mones in the 60/40 silicone spray, including LFM. I think it will have the perfect diffusion/staying power combo! I can't wait to try this one.
  4. I placed a gynormous order, and I want to place another one already, WTH is wrong with me?
  5. I just placed an order for the silicone/alcohol blend spray. I realized there were no reviews of the unscented TMI! Any reviews?
  6. I'm thinking of ordering a bunch, this is going to be part of my order. I think it will be FAB with LP Red and OCCO Red. What do you ladies think???? LP Red, I think, it one of my favorite staples.
  7. Anyone try this yet? I'm very, very curious!
  8. I'm waiting for the phero-s, but my next order will have Pure Sugar, Sugared Honeycomb, OCCO Gold and Pink, and LP Pink.
  9. This is definitely going to be in my next order along with Pure Sugar and OCCO Pink. I used to not like sugar smells, but the sugar based scents here are amazing (MRF was my first step into sugary perfumes). I'm also loving that the berry scents I've ordered here aren't plastic-y, so I'm really excited! I'm waiting for all the new phero releases before I place another order.
  10. I have been wearing this nonstop for the last few days with OCCO Red. I'll need a new bottle of both, because I'm running through them at light speed! Aaaargh! I LOVE this scent. At initial application, I feel like a luscious, ripe apricot warming in the sun- because that blooms on me first. As time passes, the scent dries down to a very spicy vanilla creme. I've noticed my skin eats this up a bit- so I can slather and it always dries down to more of a lovely veil than an overpowering miasma. I also have layered with with OCCO White when I want to amp the vanilla. I think if I ha
  11. I would really like this. I'll see what my budget looks like for next month. The scent alone is what's piquing my interest.
  12. I think I need to get a few bottles of this
  13. Definitely Glistening Buttons. Oh wow, do I get compliments galore with this one.
  14. I'm ordering a few bottles to stick into my vault while the sale is still on. I'm quickly becoming *such* an addict... urgh. I'm getting Scarlet Leaf and Blood on Snow. Perfect Fall/Winter scents for me! Amazingly, I bought so many things from the sale unsniffed by descriptions and reviews only, and I've scored with all of them. I like all of them, they're all highly wearable. PM, your products are amazing, truly.
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