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  1. is There any pheromone from the stone independent research equivilant to super sexy for men? Unscented and preferably in a roll-on bottle? Or is there going to be one in the future?
  2. Wow great posts. of course mine is going to be short. im going to introduce myself a little. My name is Mahyar. im a male from california. Im fairly new to LP. but familiar with phero products. i have purchased pb super, and super sexy unscented from here. and im expirementing them. I like dancing, especially salsa, and i know how to shake my body I own alot of pheromone products, i have been expirementing with them for a while now, and Im glad i found LP. I really like the Roll-On bottles at love potion, its very easy to use, and they don't leak like the alcohol based sprays.
  3. Hi Since I'm new to this site I want to know if the pheromones here on this site are human pheros or animal pheros? Thanks
  4. were there something wrong with pharmacom pheromone blends? is that why they are shutting down their business?
  5. I have both Unscented super sexy for men with (D5). And phero boy super for men which they both have the same formula of pheros but one has D5 and the other one is cologne pheromone. Which one do you guys think works better? If you have had any exerience with them Also, the company that makes pheros for a lot of the phero products here pharmacom LLC is going out of business after 9-9-2008 based on their web site. Anyone knows why? And what's going to happen after that?
  6. Hi this is my first post here im familiar with alot of pheromon products as i have tried alot of them. i just got the unscented SUPER SEXY for MEN from here. I can always detect the phermones in colognes. But i can not detect the phero smell in super sexy...eventho it is unscented and it should smell much stronger as far as phero smell. but i can not smell anything. Does it even contain pheros??? or is my order defective or something
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