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  1. Me Too.....I miss this one so much. This and Eve of Darkness are such Favs for me
  2. I do get a bit of the "in charge" vibe from this. Not just " I'm sexy and I know it" but more of an "I'm sexy and I know you know it too" Got to get me more of this...great one to have.
  3. I haven't posted in a while but I saw the Audacious listed and ordered a bottle after reading this thread...Wow I think to me it is a cross between Cougar and Blatant Invitation. Definitely in the sexy-social arena for me. I am glad it is back and I am doubly glad to have gotten a bottle to try. I will keep trying it but I think it is a winner for me.
  4. I found this coupling by accident. Had on some EOD and I love the scent just the way it is but then I was reading on the LP Black thread and had to get that out. Haven't worn any for a while so dabbed some on.The EOD was still strong but I didn't bother washing it off. To start , the EOD was the main scent I smelled but as time went on the LPB bloomed and I was totally bowled over by the mix. I think your ZOHMYGAWD describes it well.
  5. irish eyes

    Land of Nog

    Update....after about and hour the cherry smell backed down and nutmeg creaminess came out . A completely different scent. I liked it very well as the marzipan smell but this really elevated the scent in my eyes. I like what it became and it was so worth waiting for. I will enjoy my FB for sure.
  6. irish eyes

    Elfin Plum

    I am wearing this one today and I do need more. After it dries down a bit it is such a glorious musk. The plum adds sweetness but not a fruit smell. Just gorgeous. It also lasts for a long time. As mentioned it wears light as in airy. I don't think it has a big throw on me but those who have been within 5 feet get wisps of it then move closer to smell it. I get a lot of great comments on this one. I don't smell the vanilla but I think it helps to blend everything together. This has been a great months for scents for me. I have loved everyone I have tried.( Just some more than others and this is one of those)
  7. Layer it with a little LP Black. Wow that worked good.Took it from daytime to night time.
  8. Got this in one of my orders and all I can say is....now I will be looking closer at the hydrating waters as well. This month woke me up to the wax melts, Olive and Apricot cream and now this. I love the woodsy feel of this one. I find it very calming.
  9. I have been using this everyday since I got it and even though I have very sensitive skin and am allergic to many things, this stuff is great. I have not had any issues with it. My skin feels so soft and not greasy in the least. The scent fades to just a hint so it does not interfere with other scents I wear. Had a couple of women at work ask what I was using because I had a "glow" about me (May be the Cops. LOL) and I have noticed some of the fine lines around my eyes are not noticeable anymore. Going to be keeping this on hand. Great stuff.
  10. irish eyes

    Lost Luggage

    I did the same thing for a while. Reading the list of notes and deciding...then I got free samples of a couple I would have never thought to buy and I was surprised how, that in the right type of note and the right amount, pretty much anything can smell good. I also used to just sniff things and shake my head....now I know how scents change when they hit the skin and how they can morph so one scent can turn into several different ones while the day goes on. I was completely unaware of the artisan scents and I am so glad I found LP. I do "amp" things so I am learning to take note of those things as I go.
  11. Oh my gosh what a great surprise this was. I love it and can't quit smelling my arm. I think a guy could easily wear this, but I can see this as a beautifully seductive scent not so much on the "perky" side. More of a va-va-voom kind of vibe. Especially if paired with an appropriate phero blend. I smell the neroli but get such a nice mix with the sandalwood. Not much clove, just a little and I don't really smell the musk s a note. More of something that smooths it all out. I really like this one and will get more if it is still around in Jan. If not, I only need a few dabs so my bottle will last a while.
  12. irish eyes

    Land of Nog

    This one is a nice scent but I also get cherry-almond with the eggnog only coming out after time not much nutmeg. Does not turn sour like some cream notes can on me. I only need a little of the scent so my bottle will last a while. I think it is a good scent for any time of year. Even the hot weather. It does not wear heavy on me.
  13. irish eyes

    Elfin Plum

    I actually really like this one. Wet it seems a bit pointy. I think fig does that but always behaves once on the skin for a bit This one turns into a beautiful scent on me. Nutrix hit the nail on the head. It wears sheer but lasts a long time. I get all of the notes blending well with the musk just there enough but not overpowering. As Hearts mentioned it smells clean but not soapy. Just a beautiful light scent that I think is a great scent for everyday or date night.
  14. Great review tink. Made me think of that song " I can see clearly now" The lyrics seem to fit well. I can see clearly now the rain is gone. I can see all obstacles in my way. Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind. It's gonna be a bright (bright) bright (bright) sunshinin' day. It's gonna be a bright (bright) bright (bright) sunshinin' day. Oh yes, I can make it now the pain is gone. All of the bad feelings have disappeared. Here is the rainbow I've been praying for. It's gonna be a bright (bright) bright (bright) sunshinin' day. Look all around, there's nothing but blue skies. Look straight ahead, there's nothing but blue skies.
  15. irish eyes

    Snowman Poop

    "Santa looked over his list and even checked it twice. He soon found out that you haven’t been very nice! With coal so expensive I’ll give you the scoop: Santa’s filling your stocking with SNOWMAN POOP!" Well I can see why. Love that poem! I was just going to hoard my bottles but now....maybe a gift or two. Would be hard to part with.
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