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  1. Damn you Putin!!!! I was wondering what in the hey...
  2. The Whipped Massage Butter is to die for! It smells and looks just like cotton candy! I have really dry skin, so I love that this is moisturizing and hydrating.
  3. This is very nice actually. It's like it rained somewhere in Washington in the woods, and there's a man sitting on the porch drinking tea with milk and smoking tobacco from his pipe. The tobacco smell is not too strong it's more like part of the big picture. It's definitely male and chai.
  4. Fuck I need this. I need this bad. This is of course amazing. Tyvey is amazing and why wouldn't this be amazing. It's maddening how amazing this is I want tubs. I need this boosted. With everything, and no this is not my period talking, I have been waiting 7 years for this remake. I need it in Gotcha. I need it in SS4W, and I think I need it in BI and LFN. I also might want it in body butter, and I want it in room spray. Car freshener, and I want it in those little pods you throw in that machine that cleans your dishes. Never mind I do not like this one. NO ONE BUY THIS.
  5. Wet, the blueberry sticks out to me and reminds me of an oldie, The Finnish one. I think the addition of L.A.M. is perfect. I am not typically a fan of blueberry but this is very cute and girly. All I am getting is blueberry for now.
  6. This is beautiful, intoxicating, and I want to bathe in this. This is what a Queen smells like. This is not a scent you relax in. This is a scent you reign in. Other Queens will understand.
  7. This is an interesting combo, and it feels like it's fighting on my skin on who is going to get my attention. The tuberose is coming off as very white, and cold. while the blackberry is very tart, and kinda like sour patch kids. The sage is hanging out. I have to retest because I do not think these were meant to be fighting on my hand.
  8. This comes off very Halo's Angelique to me and Odalisque and then it does something very medicinal, I think it's the almond which means cherry, which can sometimes come across as medicinal. I will retest, as I just got my medicinal bill handed to me and it does strange things to my nose and chemistry.
  9. Juicy candied peachy sugary sweet cotton puffy pink clouds of heaven swirling about on a lazy Spring Sunday. I usually cannot do peach but this is perfect! Not too heady, the pink sugary vanilla clouds bring this to a perfect pink sugary level for me. I think this would be amazing with SS4W.
  10. Omg the labels!!!! Looks like a blast Mara!! People are really needing hugs these days! lol.
  11. Omg I love this! It's sweet and cherry like! It's almost like Occo Ambrosia had that fancy rejuvention procedure they talk about on the tele from time to time. It's Summer Sex 2017!!!
  12. I was afraid of the peach in this one. Thankfully, it's not too juicy. This to me reminds me of the 1890s. New York in the 1890s. Not that I was alive during that time, but it's very familiar to me, like a beautiful silk dress with a hat and those shoes with a million buttons. Kinda loke what a proper lady would wear to have tea and wafers? Lemon pizelli or strawberry lemon wafers. Drinking tea on a terrace somewhere, but before then I washed my face with perfumed lavender water over a porcelain bowl type thing. Then my hair was curled and plucked and pushed into a big hat. That's what I get from this. High Society NY 1890s.
  13. This is a big juicy fruit salad! It's refreshing and sweet! I can detect the currant and pear? Something really juicy and sweet like pear. It's a very happy go lucky scent, would be perfect for a summer BBQ!
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