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  1. I was almost sure this would be the right one for me based on the list of ingredients, the only reason I held back was because I didn't know if rouge or lp red would be a better choice and decided to buy samples of both before getting a fb. lucky I did! I'm a newbie to scents but figured I can't go wrong with vanilla and honey. there was no vanilla in this for me and I don't think I detect any honey either. it starts out smelling like blackcurrants before morphing into a cough drop scent and finally stays on as a sour scent, almost like plums.
  2. Speak of the devil, my package is here!!!
  3. just wondering for international packages, which type of shipping option is used? I tried to track my package using the tracking number sent to me but was told that the tracking number is only valid for packages sent to Canada hence I'm unable to track my package. I'm checking my mailbox like a crazy lady everyday!
  4. ahh thank you! I was guessing Lace or Cuddle Bunny would be my best bet for something close to the TAH vibe.
  5. I'm getting mostly UNs since i'll be taking advantage of the Sales so I would like to mix around with the free scents i'll be getting. and oooh! UN samplers in Nov! that's great news, would love to try many of the other UNs such as BANG, BI, Sexpionage .... but not sure if I will be needing a full bottle of those so getting them in sample size would be awesome! will definitely not miss those out. thanks ladies for your kind advice!
  6. Alright looks like I have to add at least a cougar sample to my cart. I've already ordered a LFM with cops. And I will be adding FB of LFN OCCO Ambrosia UN Cuddle Bunny LAM Pink Amber Should I add UN Lace as well? My credit card is starting to get worried now!
  7. Yes I really hope I'll like LFM, I'm so excited I'm already making another order before my first order arrives. Figured since I'm international, I better start ordering even earlier since it can take quite awhile. My list seems to get longer by the minute! Read Cougar's description, most definitely not looking for a younger guy so I'm gonna steer away.
  8. alright, this is kinda my first post in this forum so hello there all! so far I've only tried TAL and TAH from Andriotics. I might be wrong but I think TAH seems to work better on me, tried reading up on the reviews of the pheros on LP, I keep getting swayed by all the amazing results all you ladies have, like I really like the results it has shown but somehow I think that phero would be more of the TAL than the TAH which works better on me. So I'm wondering if you ladies who are more experienced can advice which phero would be the closest to TAH for me? I've already ordered LFM with added cops and will also be ordering LFN, what else should I add to my cart? Thanks!
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