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  1. I can't compare to any other blend because I'm so new to LPMP..but I can say compared to other peace scents this one is very true to form . After first sniff I checked again to make sure it was peace because I swore I had picked up a whiff of pear! It's a slightly acrid peach note...much like the first bite of an almost ripe peach with that little zing of tartness. There's no fuzzy peaches here and no candy...After a bit 15 mins the dry down is a soft fruity sweet peach that makes your mouth water. It's beautiful!
  2. The American equivalent to this is easy....a can of sweetened condensed milk. Nearly identical to Comptoir sud du pacifique's Lait du Sucre fragrance. Add some brown sugar....warm and deep to the condensed milk and you have this comforting...maternal blend
  3. Out of the bottle...Hello butter! I actually did a double take and re sniffed before applying. The blast of butter was so true to form. It's a delicious sweet cooked pumpkin..light on the cinnamon ....perfect amount of nutmeg....it's the best buttery sweet pumpkin...ever. period.
  4. First applied wet it's Australian Gold sun products. After a few moments of warming it's still pretty sunscreen type coconut...not true to the fruit and not too plastic like. It's a very tropical hot and sweaty sun drenched scent ! Almost like the smell of a pina colada without the pineapple...you know the smell you get when you taste something? Hard to explain but it's the smell of the coconut in the cocktail....candy like but not cloying....not toasted....not dry...
  5. Oh my...true green cardamom sweetened with sugar....like the beginning of a delicious eastern dessert! This will layer so amazing with cream...coconut...rose...it's lovely!
  6. First sniff = butter cream Wet= more of a french vanilla butter cream First application is still pretty much vanilla bean butter cream icing. I was expecting more of a cream....like coffee cream...with sugar..but I'm dense and don't read descriptions properly. It really is like the centre of a cream cookie
  7. ok thrn i did search but i guess i did not search thoroughly enough. my apologies..
  8. Hello all, Im new to LPMP as well as pheremones. I dont know the protocol or safety regarding pregnancy and breastfeeding and pheremone use. Im due with my second child in 4 weeks. I do not have my order yet but I know one of the items I purchased has BANG in it. What would the general concensus be about me using this fragrance? Im not gonna lie.. since I got pregnant with my first child.. im not the fox I used to be and Id like to get that confidence and attention back I used to have. Was looking forward to trying pheremones. Cure.
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