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  1. This is my first post/review. I have been purchasing love potions for about the last 9 months. One of the ones I have, but rarely use is T.M.I. This is because when I wear it I have diarrhea of the mouth regardless of where I put it on and it was just getting too dangerous to wear. Anyways, last fall I had an incident with my oldest daughter(8) who is normally an exceptionally kind, honest, sweet girl. This incident floored me and my husband. Somehow she ended up with $20 and proceeded to lie about and to other people where this money came from. We have never dealt with anything like this before with any of our children, so we kept asking for the truth and she kept sending us down another path of lies. We became very concerned that this money had come possibly from an adult in her life because she would not fess up and was so tight lipped about it. Ten days in we had another family meeting which this time also included her younger brother(7) in hopes that if we were all in the same room and he knew everything that was going on we could piece more of this together. Almost two hours later nothing. At the moment my husband and I decided to give up, she was sobbing telling us she couldn't tell us and she needed to go see someone. Then I remembered T.M.I. I went and got it, told her to calm down, we were just going to sit silently for a few moments and I was going to put a bit of perfume on her. I placed a drop under her nose, on her Adam's apple, & on both wrists. Within ten minutes, she told us the truth. My husband is still skeptical that T.M.I. did the job, but if you really saw what we went through for those 10 days & how quickly she turned after the application I can't imagine how someone could not believe it too. In the end, she had stolen the $20 from her best friend that had found it luckily on the ground outside our house. Needless to say, we went directly to her best friend's family and she asked for forgiveness. Her friend forgave her and we turned it into a life lesson. I realize applying this to a child is controversial and we have never done it prior or since then. In the end, I was thankful to have T.M.I. in that moment and I swear by its potency. -me
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