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  1. Sorry for the double post but I am having a strange experience with this one today. It smells like straight up pineapple on me this time. I even went back and checked the notes to be sure, but pineapple is not on the list. Maybe I amping the coconut and grapefruit and it is coming off as pineapple??Weird but I like it.


    I got pineapple too, although the coconut was still dominant. Not a complaint, as i love both scents and I enjoyed smelling like both of them (even if one is not actually a note).

  2. I love how this smells right out of the vial, but my skin devoured most of it fast, leaving only a subtly sweet toasted almond (?) scent. Luckily I still liked what remained, but I'm sad that it doesn't really resemble what's in the vial. But I know that's how it goes sometimes. I later layered this with LP Red and that worked nicely.


    I tested this outside the other night on restaurant staff that I know, with a particular eye toward a cute bartender I'm not pursuing (he has a gf). A few days earlier I had tried out Cougar around these people, with either no hit or one mild hit from him, depending on your POV.


    I applied a smallish amount to my chest/neck pulse points; no self-effects. I had the same sort of night as the Cougar night. The only new thing he did with me was touch my arm when I leaned forward on the bar to be heard over the noise, but that wasn't necessarily the SS4W. Which is fine. Maybe I'll apply a bit more next time and see what happens :P

  3. Thanks for the welcomes, everyone. Am branching out slowly into other threads. Still reading and learning how things work around here, so apologies in advance for any fumbles I may make--I want to be a good kitty to LPMP and this community! :-)

  4. I'm really liking this. I'm learning that my skin eats vanilla quite a bit, so I have a lot of cinnamon and patchouli left with this one. I prefer not too much patchouli, so I added a bit of Sugared Honeycomb and that tamped the patchouli down. I love cinnamon and how that smells on me. I kept sniffing my testing arm :001_302:


    On a different day I layered this with Rocket Fuel because, when testing out RF, my skin ate most of it and left only a slight toasted almond scent. I wanted a fragrance boost and these two worked out well together, as expected.

  5. This smells like heaven in the vial and I wanted to love this so much, but my skin did something rather unpleasant to it (boo, skin!). After a relatively short period of time it smelled like slightly burnt plastic. After a few hours I was left only with a whiff of cardamom and ginger. So disappointing, because I love the scent of vanilla. Will return to it in a few weeks though. Not giving up!

  6. Thanks for the welcome, everyone! (And thanks so much, tyvey; I'll e-mail you!) :kiss43:

    I do have some Cougar coming, as well as Mara's Rocket Fuel and LAM (spicy brown sugar) and Rosalynd (w Open Windows).

  7. Hi ladies! I wanted to say hi. I am eagerly awaiting my first order, which should come any day now. I've been lurking for a while and am excited to try out these potions :cat690:

    I'm in my 30s, a fairly social person but was super awkward/shy/nerdy as a teen, and sometimes I still feel as if that girl never grew up and that most people still see me that way. I'm mainly interested in the selfie boost I might get from some of these, on my more upbeat/confident days, to help show my "shine" a bit more :purr:

    Anyway you all seem fun and cool, so I look forward to spending more time lurking (and posting!) here, and will definitely post my experiences after I have a chance to try some things out. (I will also eventually get a profile pic up; for some reason I can't do it even though it seems to be the right size. But maybe I'm having trouble because I'm buzzed on cocktails :cheers04251: )

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