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  1. No, I just want to feel loved and accepted for once in my life.
  2. I wish I knew how. I wish I was never born. I wish I didn't exist.
  3. It's too late for me. I'm too much of this, too little of that. Maybe I'll just starve to death and leave everybody else to fall in love and be with each other, my life makes no difference.
  4. I can tolerate being alone but I'm never truly happy about it. I've wanted a girlfriend since Kindergarten. I lie awake at night thinking about it.
  5. I don't have any friends. If wanting a girlfriend makes me look desperate then so be it.
  6. I feel like slitting my wrists. I'm sick of hearing the same cliches parroted at me by different people.
  7. I like playing MUSIC for fun. MUSIC is my hobby, my work, my job, my career. The reason why I'm focused on wanting a girlfriend is because I'VE NEVER HAD ONE BEFORE. I can't think about anything else because that is what's MISSING in my life. I want A WOMAN in my life. Why is that such an evil, selfish thing?
  8. So I've got a picture of the real me now, not that it matters much, but where are you supposed to go to find girls to hang out with? I'm totally lost and wandering around in no man's land. Or no woman's land more like. I feel like I've got a straight jacket on.
  9. So where are these imaginary women that actually DO want a relationship with a guy? I could care less about jobs and careers, I'm a musician, if that turns into something professional, great, if not, so be it.
  10. I was bullied and abused alot growing up in school, nobody, male or female, treated me like a human being.there. In fact I noticed the guys twice as big as me who were doing all the bullying would have their girlfriends laugh and get off on it. Didn't do much for my confidence in myself OR humanity. Ok for Ziggy's sake I'll try not to reply any more....it's a fun conversation though, maybe someone could start a separate thread?
  11. Well there are plenty of women dreaming about a future without men so I thought I would turn the tables... But seriously, I can't find any women that aren't already taken, or lesbian, or don't want a boyfriend, etc, etc...
  12. Thank you everyone, sorry if ive singled any one out. Im learning more from you guys than Ive ever learned in my life
  13. @ quietguy Yessir I am in the US, I sent the e-mail to Halo yesterday with all the information and such, thanks again!
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