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  1. The neroli I've smelled has seemed more earthy with an undercurrent of clove. Smelled like a very distant cousin of patchouli which I loathe even in the smallest quantities (patchouli triggers bad memories of a pervert violin teacher I had as a child, whose house smelled of cat urine, underarm odor and patchouli.) However, I would not describe the nerolis I've smelled as high quality or pure. So perhaps my perception of them as being clove-y is inaccurate. I use a John Master's hair conditioner that is supposedly neroli scented and while I love the way it detangles, I don't like the way it smells. I'm not accusing anyone of mislabeling, I'm just very curious about why I smell such different notes in this scent then how it is described. I really love the scent. How can I learn about musks? I had never associate them with floral qualities, but they sure have them in this scent (at least on my skin!)
  2. I received a free sample of Embla 2. To my nose, and also my husband's, it smells very, very floral, soft and feminine. This doesn't fit at all with the ingredient list and description. Can a scent change that much with my body chemistry? Or change that much with time in the bottle? Or is possible it is mislabeled? I had always thought I didn't like neroli, but I smell absolutely no neroli in this (at least the kind I'm used to.) I love my sample and if it is really Embla 2, I'm going to order it!
  3. I'm loving my UNLevitation! First of all, I think it smells delicious even though it is "unscented." I applied it to my wrists and I've been sniffing it all morning. Yum. I feel light & breezy and positive even though its the *bitchy* time of the month!
  4. Does Stone Cougar have cops in it? I thought it didn't, but the ingredients aren't listed so it was a guess on my part.
  5. What are your thoughts on the 100% vs 60/40% sprays? Any practical differences when wearing them? For example, will the spray with oil in it stain clothing? Which broadcasts better? Lasts longer? etc I'm thinking about ordering Stone Cougar. I would like to wear it in my hair and have it broadcast nicely. I already ordered Open Windows in a roll on before I realized sprays might be better for socials. Thanks!
  6. Circe


    You ladies are all so kind & welcoming!
  7. I'm so excited, I placed my first order. Scented: Buttercream Peach Like a Magnet/Vanilla & Honey UN: Open Windows Levitation (I want to see how Lev compares with OW) Super Sexy Leather Blatant Inv Sexpionage Sheer Essence Can't wait to take them for a test spin! I want to start a diary recording when I wore them, how I felt, reactions received etc. Where is the best thread to do this? I hope this isn't too personal, but I've found the the reactions I get from people IRL without wearing pheromones vary vastly with different times during my cycle. I always know when I'm nearing ovulation based on the menfolk around me. :) They get whiplash. After reading these board posts, I'm guessing I produce a lot of copulins naturally and whatever other substance make men act chivalrous but not lewd or horndog (more like embarrassed blushing schoolboy). So when I record my results with the pheromones and various perfumes, I must take my cycle into account. At the end of my cycle I turn invisible to the world (except hubby who is almost always an angel). But I like being invisible then because all I want to do is curl up with chamomile tea and a good book, hubby rubbing my feet, my dog babies snuggled up next to me. :)
  8. Circe


    Hello! I'm new here and to the phero world. Looking forward to receiving my box of goodies from LPMP and testing them out (especially the Sexpionage ... *blush*) I will give a full report (on at least the "socials.") The rest I might spill when I know you all a little better. :) Cheers and a chaste kiss to you all!
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