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  1. I found this yesterday and honestly had no recollection of it at all! I've got a cold but I could certainly smell it, it smelled very sweet and fruity to my nose, I had no idea what phero was in it so I just tested a teeny dab, but lo and behold that gotcha magic saw me able to make it with two kids to the supermarket even though I had been feeling really ill. Yay gotcha!


    My impression was of hard candies, fruity ones!

  2. Yeah, good choice qg. I just find it irritating when I cant figure out something apparently simple, it makes me.feel like an idiot!

    Stacy I did see your hint, but i have no.idea where you got it from. Unless its an edited post on an old thread and doing that doesnt show up as new content (¿), I really have no idea.

    Can anyone confirm you can see whatever it is on an iphone and this isnt some pc specific thing?

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