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  1. I’ve been absent soooo long but wow, I love the labels!!
  2. Well, aside from Blue Rose, there's one song and one tv show (I loved that, it was such escapism) , so I'm not sure which one, I'm guessing it's the Cream, Luna? The party looks brilliant, as always, as does the punch! I wish again, as always, that I could come to One. Can't I tempt you with a UK store?!!!
  3. My stupid phone wouldn't let me edit to add that I love the labels and the sound of cotton candy peach
  4. Can anyone tell me if this has anything in common with the last release of unisexy?
  5. I found the teeny dregs of oil in my captivating equation sample the other day, it had evaporated first which I knew, and then leaked, waaaah. Will this ever make a reappearance?!
  6. This sounds gorgeous. I love all the notes in this, with the exception of lime (as that isn't something often used in women's scents), they are most of my favourites!
  7. I found this yesterday and honestly had no recollection of it at all! I've got a cold but I could certainly smell it, it smelled very sweet and fruity to my nose, I had no idea what phero was in it so I just tested a teeny dab, but lo and behold that gotcha magic saw me able to make it with two kids to the supermarket even though I had been feeling really ill. Yay gotcha! My impression was of hard candies, fruity ones!
  8. On a 1-10 scale, how much anise do you think? I am umming and aahing over it as it isn't something I love in perfume but I love the sound of the rest.
  9. I'm also a lemon lover, I wasn't sure about this as BI isn't really something I have used more than twice I think but this has kept inviting me back to reread it and ponder my order, Is the storax prominent? I really love storax, I used to burn it at home and you don't see it much in perfumes.
  10. I'm really looking forward to this one! Powdery pink musk sounds wonderful.
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