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  1. I’ve been absent soooo long but wow, I love the labels!!
  2. This sounds gorgeous. I love all the notes in this, with the exception of lime (as that isn't something often used in women's scents), they are most of my favourites!
  3. On a 1-10 scale, how much anise do you think? I am umming and aahing over it as it isn't something I love in perfume but I love the sound of the rest.
  4. I'm also a lemon lover, I wasn't sure about this as BI isn't really something I have used more than twice I think but this has kept inviting me back to reread it and ponder my order, Is the storax prominent? I really love storax, I used to burn it at home and you don't see it much in perfumes.
  5. I'm really looking forward to this one! Powdery pink musk sounds wonderful.
  6. Gotcha doesn't relax me! It sends me into cleaning house hyperdrive only beaten by tantric butterfly (I forget what that was in there). I love it.
  7. I scrape it out cold with a plastic spoon and wash in hot water
  8. The last I see on here, I redeemed at 3500. Is that correct?! It seems like it can't be.
  9. Fig to me isn't green. I think this sounds really yummy.
  10. How did I never realise this one even existed until now? It sounds delicious!
  11. I can take credit for the idea behind this one
  12. Something that smells like Tantric Butterfly would make me ecstatic.
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