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  1. Greetings from one man to another, Jaycee. This forum has a charm all its own thanks to the ladies. Some discussions can make your ears - or eyes - burn if you're male, but there's none of the chest-beating, testosterone-fuelled shenanigans around here and that makes a refreshing change. It feels like a place you can sit back with a coffee and a smile, reading the womens' adventures - not come in wearing armour plating for a jousting match. It helps if you've worked with or been around a large group of women in real life too. You know where they're coming from. Lobo
  2. Lobo

    Jumping in. Hello

    Heh, and to think I almost called myself 'Fenrir', but the name 'Lobo' suits my motives better. I might not have a Swedish grandmother, but all of us can claim Sumerian ancestry. Their mythology is my favourite, being the recognisable prototype of most of the human religions and myths that followed in its footsteps. Have you ever read the Sumerian account of the Flood, and then read the story of the Flood that most of us are familiar with in Western society? They're almost identical. It really makes me laugh when Science discovered what the Sumerians knew millennia ago - the 'Seven Da
  3. Lobo

    Jumping in. Hello

    What, so a guy can't have a secret identity? Ail's a familiar face and she's now an admin and LP UNscented pheromone blend formulator! *Gulp* Lor, a legend around these parts, good to see you too. Some of the ladies here and elsewhere are pheromone veterans that even a king wolf respects and admires. Carrie welcomed me when I was just a mewling wolf cub starting out on another forum a long time ago now. Ail joined not long before I did. Those who know me, know me well and it will take more than a change of nickname to throw them off. I see I'm not the only one. A few familiar 'voices' ar
  4. Lobo

    Jumping in. Hello

    So no-one has read 'Wild Animals I Have Known' by Ernest Thompson Seton? The story is out of copyright now I think. You can find it on the internet. King Lobo, the leader of a pack of wolves that ruled Currumpaw, a vast cattle range in northern New Mexico in the late 19th century. His name struck fear into the hearts of every rancher and shepherd because he was a wolf of great cunning and skill. He laughed at every trap, scorned all poisons and evaded every hunter. His one weakness was his mate, Blanca, a strikingly beautiful white wolf. The author trapped and killed her. Lobo found h
  5. Lobo

    Jumping in. Hello

    Many thanks for the warm welcome, ladies. I will, I promise. I'm not new to pheromones and I've had some good results with others. In a few days, I'll be starting a new job where the ratio of men to women is similar to this forum. Plenty of frisky nurses and some sexy doctors to chase. One of the best hits I got was when I took a friend to hospital. The female doctor and the nurse who attended to him were very friendly - to me. Time will tell if you've helped create a demon. Can't wait to test LP's stuff on them and chase them up and down the wards. I just luurrrvvve the b
  6. Crumbs, so much to read here. Hello ladies and any guys that might be here. I've listened to Bella and others rave about Love Potions so I'm dropping in. I feel I'm missing out. I'm Lobo and it seems I've entered the land of addicts, LOL! Commercial scents just don't appeal to me now and I'm looking for something different. What really pulled me in was the description of all the pheromone mixes, the scents and the female-dominated forum. The atmosphere here is a refreshing change from the testosterone-charged chest-beating I sometimes find on other forums. I'm a bit of a renegade free
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