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New Releases for July '07!

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Love Potion®: WHITE ~ Our newest Limited Edition Love Potion® variety! Elegant, but eminently touchable, too!


Communication Potion ~ A potion for both women and men for communication, with an aroma that evokes the scent of the wild wind and the spray of the sea!


MEDIUM ~ A lovely and spiritual clairvoyance amplifier for both men and women.


VAIN ~ A magickal Dragon's Blood potion for self-confidence and success.


Celebrity Scents by Linnea Quigley

Linnea Quigley's RABID ~ An intriguing blend of mosses, graveyard dirt, smokey funereal resins, skeletal apple trees, and the essence of the night sky.


Linnea's Summer of Sin ~ A sultry summer scent featuring erotic buttery oils, cool tropical fruit, and sizzling heat.


New Sugared Scents

Sugared Carnation

Sugared Berries

Sugared Melons

Sugared Pineapple

Sugared Iced Tea

Sugared Coffee


Back by Popular Demand!

Persuasion Potion

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