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La Femme Mystere great hit


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Hi I'm new to this forum and I just wanted to share my experience of using this LP .

I bought the scented version of LFM in Sensual Harmony..(roll on) I decided to wear this to work .. I must say I am very cautious of wearing something new ..so to be on the safe side I placed only one short wipe about an inch on my neck and another on my wrist and rubbed both wrist together . The scent on me is quite intense at first ..almost like the smell of candy and fresh grass.. This of course will smell differently on others.


Self effects was immediate for me I felt a sense of calm and in control almost as if I had the confidence to do anything , it was more of a feeling of self assuredness.

In regards to people's reactions I found that men and women responded really well ..I got a few starry eyed stares from both sexes although others where Indifferent.


My male manager that I work with was very attentive that day and gave me lot of compliments on my work to which has never happened in a very long while . Although I decided not to wear this the following day and for the rest of the week ..this phero must have somehow left an imprint on my manager's mind because he continued to compliment me further ,and for three days in a row after ???



I wore this again on another occasion ... Walking around the busy streets ..and I proceeded to cross the road ... And One guy shouted HEY .. and came over and indroduced himself to me . It was strange there was a slight pause and he said to me you are so gorgeous .. Now I know I've had a lot of admirers but none of them have had the confidence to come up to me on the street unless they have known me for a while . I guess with this pheromone I may have come across as less intimidating . All in all this is some good and powerful stuff .. Big shout to out to LPMP..

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So glad it worked so well for you. This is why I love it too. Calmly confident and in control. I just used this on this past Saturday night in a social/professional capacity and had the same as always phenomenal results. LFM is second only to Teddy BB for me. Btw, before we go much further with singing its praises though,this should probably be moved to the unscented phero reviews thread.

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