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An ode to Janet's beautiful Mumsy, Janet asked for a mix of our scents Bonnie and Sugared Oranges, with a tiny touch of Sneaky Clean-ness. So, in the end, we've got a lightly green fresh air scent, with an orange spritz. I used five types of orange EOs over heather and hay and a drop of ozone, a sprinkle of white sugar (not too sweet) and a splash of Nepalese amber in the base.

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I'm normally not a fan of "clean" scents but I really like this one - and that's probably all due to the orange, it's a wonderful accord and mixes well with the fresh elements. I do get that touch of green, I think the orange keeps it from turning soapy on me. This would be great as a room spray as well, IMO, it's airy and sunny.

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