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Cassandra's Dark Wishes


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Cassandra crafted an original gem out of night blooming jasmine and black licorice, (there's the dark) and dandelion and powdered sugar (there be the wishes) on a base of soft white amber. I took the liberty of adding a few drops of Hedione too!

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I really like this one a lot; I am reminded of how I was intrigued by Black Candy, but it didn't smell right on me. I'm a fan of licorice/anise in fragrance and I love the way the licorice accord and the jasmine sort of trade places at first, and then the floral aspect slowly, softly takes over until there's just a gauzy veil remaining. It's such a beautifully sweet sheer drydown, it has that silky lingerie evocation. This was a faboo idea for sure!

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I can't stop sniffing my points of application. This is a sexy, sexy floral. I did not think I would care for this one, but I was very wrong! I also find that Dark Wishes lies close to the skin.

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