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Chakra Oils: Crown


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Chakra: Crown

The Crown Chakra represents our path to the divine, and this Chakra Oil radiates with the brilliant White light of purity and of cleansing, as the sacred life force flows through the Crown and into the other nodes of the subtle body. We are inspired by visions of perfection, imbued with grace and in harmony with all existence in the Eternal Now.

Jasmine and frankincense on a base of soft non-foody vanilla.

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Scent-wise, for everyone who loves the sheer powdery "white" fragrances, this is everything. It took a little bit for it to evolve to that purely white stage, but now it's a perfect balance of all the aspects. It's lovely and soothing with an inherent serenity to it. It encourages you to breathe, with a meditative aura.

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