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Unicorn Magic Bathing Salts


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Of course everyone knows unicorns are real, and their sparkly rainbow magic isn’t just the latest beauty fad, it’s an essential component of true happiness! And what could be more joy-inducing than our girly cotton candy-scented rainbow bath salts?! It’s like a unicorn touched its’ horn to your bathwater and allowed you entrance to an enchanted land of silky softness and sweet fluffy clouds of delight with our blend of pink and blue fairy floss with just a hint of caramelized sugar for that hot-spun magical carnival goodness!"

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Mine came two days ago. My 6 year old was so excited. Usually dinner is a beat down because she won't eat..but the rule was whoever finishes first gets the first bath.( I have 3 girls) She also hates bath time. BUT when Unicorn crystals are involved dinner was eaten up and bath time was easy. Back to the review. This stuff is wonderful. I just sprinkled a little bit in their bubble bath and the the whole bathroom smells incredible. It smells sweet and clean! Just like a unicorn. It isn't oily and doesn't leave any yucky stuff in the tub. Just a wonderful smell that stays in the bathroom even afterwards. LOVE IT! Plus the bottle is just adorable.

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