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Witty Kitty's ZING!

Witty Kitty

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Witty Kitty's ZING!

Witty Kitty came up with a lovely combo, a really nice take on the popular ginger/citrus pairing, with soft candied ginger and equal amounts of lime and orange (Sicilian mandarin and neroli) essential oils. We added white sugar, sweet sandalwood and a touch of vanilla to the base to make it smooth and soft, but still with that little ginger Zing! (Get the label? :lol: )


I hope it's OK that I started a thread for my PE since I have my hands on it already. I wanted something refreshing and energetic; a wake-me-up / pick-me-up sort of scent, and that's exactly what this is.

At first it's a big lime blast; later it recedes enough for the other elements come through. I didn't want this to be spicy, so the ginger is subtle, adding a little tingle. I put it on last night and what was left this morning was the touch of vanilla that Mara added. For phero pairing, I think this would go nicely with Open Windows and Mega Watt.

Thank you, Mara!

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This is so nice, I love how silky-smooth it is, even with the ginger/citrus providing a definite zing! It almost has a sheer quality to it, but it makes me think of a spa scent, it's refreshing and uplifting but at the same time it's got such a soft aura. I think this would be great with Open Windows because it's something you would wear for a gathering - to get you in the mood to socialize and at the same time, everyone else would be saying, "Who smells so good?!"

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