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Archive: Raven DeLa Croix's Secret Weapon


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Sultry Sex-Goddess Raven DeLaCroix, star of stage and screen, shares her Powerfully Seductive personal Majmua Blend. Majmua is an ultra-rich intoxicating blend of rare and expensive Indian Attars and Essential Oils, steeped in several hundred years of history.


MajMua for Women & Men

Raven's MajMua blend is unlike anything I had ever experienced. It's positively addicting. Fabulously full-bodied and exotic, and extremely long-lasting on the skin. It's not at all sweet, and smells equally wonderful on both Women & Men. It smells quite different on the skin than in the bottle, too — on the skin it mellows very quickly into a hypnotic, smoky, powdery aroma that is amazingly soothing and mystical. I always adored this on her, what I considered Raven's personal scent, and one day she finally shared with me her recipe and expressed interest in sharing it with the public. I feel very lucky and blessed that she did, as I've been wearing this one a lot these days. I find it calming on my own emotions and also on the people around me. I wore it recently for a HUGE event that I produced, the type of event that usually has people overcome with stress and nerves. Several people commented that I kept perfectly cool throughout the entire evening and managed to quickly soothe away any problems that erupted. I kept thinking, yeah, it's Raven's perfume. :)


Magical Properties: Enhances perception of beauty. Love, exotic, sensual atmospheric; aphrodisiac. Healing, soothing, spirituality, exorcism, money, luck, hex-breaking.

Prominent notes: sandalwood, vetivert, assorted resins, attars and oils


Created by: Raven DeLa Croix

Description: Mara Fox

Label art: Mara Fox

October 2006

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