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BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! The flagship scent of Danna’s line of Southern Gothic Magickal Scents™. A garden full of southern flowers make up this love and fidelity potion. Come into our garden for a spell!


This year, our Southern Belle sits in her garden behind her Antebellum Mansion in a world of Gardenias.

She invites you in... white lace, fragile and decades old dangles from her tiny frame. She smiles, and in that honeyed Georgia drawl, politely asks if you would care for some sweet tea, it's freshly brewed.

As you move into the garden, the centerpiece of the once vast acreage, now tucked neatly behind the main house, it hits you...


The lady of the manor explains that her family has always had a deep love for gardenias, they imported them from around the world, some spicy, some heady, some tropical. They mingle with the magnolias, and subtle greeneries that play around the streets here. It's like a trip through time, and history.


This year's Belle is a Gardenia based dream, she is accompanied by magnolia, ferns, and a bit of southern spice.


GARDENIA ~ Mood elevator, powerfully magnetic, enhances visage, love, passion, peace, healing, spirituality.

MAGNOLIA ~ Adds an air of nobility, psychic enhancer, inspires peace and harmony; fidelity.

GREENERY ~ Pleasure, blissfulness, attraction, stamina, courage, strength, healing.


Created by: Danna Taylor

Label art: Mara Fox

April 2008

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