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An ode to Hecate - mother goddess, sorceress and guardian of crossroads, a ward against danger - has been known to act as an avenginging spirit for injured women. This is a ritual perfume potion for calling upon her favors and thanking her for her gifts. A creamy, woodsy, incensey blend of ingredients sacred to her.


We have had many requests over the years for a Hecate potion. She is the goddess of the witches, the protector, and the crone aspect in some traditions. Hecate is known in some cultures as the goddess of revenge, the dark arts, and the waning and dark moon. I brewed this potion on Hecate's traditional day in August.

This is truly a power potion, with elements of commanding, compelling, working with the dark of the moon, returning to sender, and righteous avenging aspects.

Comprised of herbs, florals, fruits and resins that have been associated with Hecate for centuries, as well as additional "dark moon" ingredients. The result is a creamy, woodsy, incensey blend, which includes myrrh, sandalwood, patchouli, lavender, azalea, wine, frankincense, black poppy seeds, bergamot and more.


Created by: Danna Taylor

Label art:

September 2007


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